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type FileKeyValueStore

type FileKeyValueStore struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    FileKeyValueStore stores each value into a separate file. KeySerializer maps a key to a unique file path (raletive to the store path) ValueSerializer and ValueDeserializer serializes/de-serializes a value to and from a byte array that is stored in the path derived from the key.

    func New

      New creates a new instance of FileKeyValueStore using provided options

      func (*FileKeyValueStore) Delete

      func (fkvs *FileKeyValueStore) Delete(key interface{}) error

        Delete deletes the value for a key.

        func (*FileKeyValueStore) GetPath

        func (fkvs *FileKeyValueStore) GetPath() string

          GetPath returns the store path

          func (*FileKeyValueStore) Load

          func (fkvs *FileKeyValueStore) Load(key interface{}) (interface{}, error)

            Load returns the value stored in the store for a key. If a value for the key was not found, returns (nil, ErrNotFound)

            func (*FileKeyValueStore) Store

            func (fkvs *FileKeyValueStore) Store(key interface{}, value interface{}) error

              Store sets the value for the key.

              type FileKeyValueStoreOptions

              type FileKeyValueStoreOptions struct {
              	// Store path, mandatory
              	Path string
              	// Optional. If not provided, default key serializer is used.
              	KeySerializer KeySerializer
              	// Optional. If not provided, default Marshaller is used.
              	Marshaller Marshaller
              	// Optional. If not provided, default Unmarshaller is used.
              	Unmarshaller Unmarshaller

                FileKeyValueStoreOptions allow overriding store defaults

                type KeySerializer

                type KeySerializer func(key interface{}) (string, error)

                  KeySerializer converts a key to a unique fila path

                  type Marshaller

                  type Marshaller func(value interface{}) ([]byte, error)

                    Marshaller marshals a value into a byte array

                    type Unmarshaller

                    type Unmarshaller func(value []byte) (interface{}, error)

                      Unmarshaller unmarshals a value from a byte array