Package txn enables creating, endorsing and sending transactions to Fabric peers and orderers.



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    func BroadcastPayload

    func BroadcastPayload(reqCtx reqContext.Context, payload *common.Payload, orderers []fab.Orderer) (*fab.TransactionResponse, error)

      BroadcastPayload will send the given payload to some orderer, picking random endpoints until all are exhausted

      func CreateChaincodeInvokeProposal

      func CreateChaincodeInvokeProposal(txh fab.TransactionHeader, request fab.ChaincodeInvokeRequest) (*fab.TransactionProposal, error)

        CreateChaincodeInvokeProposal creates a proposal for transaction.

        func CreateChannelHeader

        func CreateChannelHeader(headerType common.HeaderType, opts ChannelHeaderOpts) (*common.ChannelHeader, error)

          CreateChannelHeader is a utility method to build a common chain header (TODO refactor)

          TODO: Determine if this function should be exported after refactoring is completed.

          func CreatePayload

          func CreatePayload(txh *TransactionHeader, channelHeader *common.ChannelHeader, data []byte) (*common.Payload, error)

            CreatePayload creates a slice of payload bytes from a ChannelHeader and a data slice.

            func CreateSignatureHeader

            func CreateSignatureHeader(txh *TransactionHeader) (*common.SignatureHeader, error)

              CreateSignatureHeader creates a SignatureHeader based on the nonce and creator of the transaction header.

              func New

              func New(request fab.TransactionRequest) (*fab.Transaction, error)

                New create a transaction with proposal response, following the endorsement policy.

                func Send

                func Send(reqCtx reqContext.Context, tx *fab.Transaction, orderers []fab.Orderer) (*fab.TransactionResponse, error)

                  Send send a transaction to the chain’s orderer service (one or more orderer endpoints) for consensus and committing to the ledger.

                  func SendPayload

                  func SendPayload(reqCtx reqContext.Context, payload *common.Payload, orderers []fab.Orderer) (*common.Block, error)

                    SendPayload sends the given payload to each orderer and returns a block response

                    func SendProposal

                    func SendProposal(reqCtx reqContext.Context, proposal *fab.TransactionProposal, targets []fab.ProposalProcessor) ([]*fab.TransactionProposalResponse, error)

                      SendProposal sends a TransactionProposal to ProposalProcessor.


                      type CCProposalType

                      type CCProposalType int

                        CCProposalType reflects transitions in the chaincode lifecycle

                        const (
                        	Instantiate CCProposalType = iota

                          Define chaincode proposal types

                          type ChannelHeaderOpts

                          type ChannelHeaderOpts struct {
                          	TxnHeader   *TransactionHeader
                          	Epoch       uint64
                          	ChaincodeID string
                          	Timestamp   time.Time
                          	TLSCertHash []byte

                            ChannelHeaderOpts holds the parameters to create a ChannelHeader.

                            type TransactionHeader

                            type TransactionHeader struct {
                            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                              TransactionHeader contains metadata for a transaction created by the SDK.

                              func NewHeader

                              func NewHeader(ctx contextApi.Client, channelID string, opts ...fab.TxnHeaderOpt) (*TransactionHeader, error)

                                NewHeader computes a TransactionID from the current user context and holds metadata to create transaction proposals.

                                func (*TransactionHeader) ChannelID

                                func (th *TransactionHeader) ChannelID() string

                                  ChannelID returns the transaction's target channel identifier.

                                  func (*TransactionHeader) Creator

                                  func (th *TransactionHeader) Creator() []byte

                                    Creator returns the transaction creator's identity bytes.

                                    func (*TransactionHeader) Nonce

                                    func (th *TransactionHeader) Nonce() []byte

                                      Nonce returns the transaction's generated nonce.

                                      func (*TransactionHeader) TransactionID

                                      func (th *TransactionHeader) TransactionID() fab.TransactionID

                                        TransactionID returns the transaction's computed identifier.