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Published: Aug 7, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


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type CoreProviderFactory

type CoreProviderFactory interface {
	CreateCryptoSuiteProvider(config core.CryptoSuiteConfig) (core.CryptoSuite, error)
	CreateSigningManager(cryptoProvider core.CryptoSuite) (core.SigningManager, error)
	CreateInfraProvider(config fab.EndpointConfig) (fab.InfraProvider, error)

CoreProviderFactory allows overriding of primitives and the fabric core object provider

type MSPProviderFactory

type MSPProviderFactory interface {
	CreateUserStore(config msp.IdentityConfig) (msp.UserStore, error)
	CreateIdentityManagerProvider(config fab.EndpointConfig, cryptoProvider core.CryptoSuite, userStore msp.UserStore) (msp.IdentityManagerProvider, error)

MSPProviderFactory allows overriding providers of MSP services

type Providers

type Providers interface {

Providers represents the SDK configured providers context.

type ServiceProviderFactory

type ServiceProviderFactory interface {
	CreateLocalDiscoveryProvider(config fab.EndpointConfig) (fab.LocalDiscoveryProvider, error)
	CreateChannelProvider(config fab.EndpointConfig, opts ...options.Opt) (fab.ChannelProvider, error)

ServiceProviderFactory allows overriding default service providers (such as peer discovery)

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