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func IsMetricsConfigFullyOverridden

func IsMetricsConfigFullyOverridden(c *OperationsConfigOptions) bool

    IsMetricsConfigFullyOverridden will return true if all of the argument's sub interfaces is not nil (ie MetricsConfig interface not fully overridden)


    type MetricConfig

    type MetricConfig struct {
    	// Provider : statsd, prometheus, or disabled
    	Provider string
    	// Statsd represents metrics config for Statsd provider
    	Statsd Statsd

      MetricConfig defines a metric configuration used along the operation system config

      type MetricsConfig

      type MetricsConfig interface {
      	OperationCfg() OperationConfig
      	MetricCfg() MetricConfig

        MetricsConfig contains operations system and metrics configuration

        func BuildConfigMetricsFromOptions

        func BuildConfigMetricsFromOptions(opts ...interface{}) (MetricsConfig, error)

          BuildConfigMetricsFromOptions will return a MetricsConfig instance pre-built with Optional interfaces provided in fabsdk's WithMetricsConfig(opts...) call

          func ConfigFromBackend

          func ConfigFromBackend(coreBackend ...core.ConfigBackend) (MetricsConfig, error)

            ConfigFromBackend returns identity config implementation of given backend

            func UpdateMissingOptsWithDefaultConfig

            func UpdateMissingOptsWithDefaultConfig(c *OperationsConfigOptions, d MetricsConfig) MetricsConfig

              UpdateMissingOptsWithDefaultConfig will verify if any functions of the MetricsConfig were not updated with fabsdk's WithConfigMetrics(opts...) call, then use default MetricsConfig interface for these functions instead

              type MetricsConfigImpl

              type MetricsConfigImpl struct {
              	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                MetricsConfigImpl is the default implementation of MetricsConfig holding config data loaded from backend

                func (*MetricsConfigImpl) MetricCfg

                func (m *MetricsConfigImpl) MetricCfg() MetricConfig

                  MetricCfg returns the metrics Config

                  func (*MetricsConfigImpl) OperationCfg

                  func (m *MetricsConfigImpl) OperationCfg() OperationConfig

                    OperationCfg returns the oeprations Config

                    type OperationConfig

                    type OperationConfig struct {
                    	TLSEnabled         bool
                    	ClientAuthRequired bool
                    	ListenAddress      string
                    	// TODO replace TLSCertFile, TLCKeyFile and ClientRootCAs to TLSCACerts (here and in the configs as well)
                    	TLSCertFile   string
                    	TLSKeyFile    string
                    	ClientRootCAs []string

                      OperationConfig defines an operations system configuration

                      type OperationsConfigOptions

                      type OperationsConfigOptions struct {
                      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                        OperationsConfigOptions represents MetricsConfig interface with overridable interface functions if a function is not overridden, the default MetricsConfig implementation will be used.

                        type Statsd

                        type Statsd struct {
                        	// Network is statsd network type: tcp or udp
                        	Network string
                        	// Address is statsd server address:
                        	Address string
                        	// WriteInterval is the interval at which locally cached counters and gauges are pushed
                        	// to statsd; timings are pushed immediately
                        	WriteInterval time.Duration
                        	// prefix is prepended to all emitted statsd metrics
                        	Prefix string

                          Statsd config useful for Statsd metrics provider

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