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type MockFabricCAServer

type MockFabricCAServer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    MockFabricCAServer is a mock for FabricCAServer

    func (*MockFabricCAServer) Running

    func (s *MockFabricCAServer) Running() bool

      Running returns the status of the mock server

      func (*MockFabricCAServer) Start

      func (s *MockFabricCAServer) Start(lis net.Listener, cryptoSuite core.CryptoSuite)

        Start fabric CA mock server

        type MockKey

        type MockKey struct {

          MockKey mockcore BCCSP key

          func (*MockKey) Bytes

          func (m *MockKey) Bytes() ([]byte, error)

            Bytes ...

            func (*MockKey) Private

            func (m *MockKey) Private() bool

              Private ...

              func (*MockKey) PublicKey

              func (m *MockKey) PublicKey() (bccsp.Key, error)

                PublicKey ...

                func (*MockKey) SKI

                func (m *MockKey) SKI() []byte

                  SKI ...

                  func (*MockKey) Symmetric

                  func (m *MockKey) Symmetric() bool

                    Symmetric ...

                    type MockSigningIdentity

                    type MockSigningIdentity struct {
                    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                      MockSigningIdentity ...

                      func NewMockSigningIdentity

                      func NewMockSigningIdentity(id string, mspid string) *MockSigningIdentity

                        NewMockSigningIdentity to return mock user with MSPID

                        func (*MockSigningIdentity) EnrollmentCertificate

                        func (m *MockSigningIdentity) EnrollmentCertificate() []byte

                          EnrollmentCertificate Returns the underlying ECert representing this user’s identity.

                          func (*MockSigningIdentity) Identifier

                          func (m *MockSigningIdentity) Identifier() *msp.IdentityIdentifier

                            Identifier returns the identifier of that identity

                            func (*MockSigningIdentity) PrivateKey

                            func (m *MockSigningIdentity) PrivateKey() core.Key

                              PrivateKey returns the crypto suite representation of the private key

                              func (*MockSigningIdentity) PublicVersion

                              func (m *MockSigningIdentity) PublicVersion() msp.Identity

                                PublicVersion returns the public parts of this identity

                                func (*MockSigningIdentity) Serialize

                                func (m *MockSigningIdentity) Serialize() ([]byte, error)

                                  Serialize converts an identity to bytes

                                  func (*MockSigningIdentity) SetEnrollmentCertificate

                                  func (m *MockSigningIdentity) SetEnrollmentCertificate(cert []byte)

                                    SetEnrollmentCertificate sets yhe enrollment certificate.

                                    func (*MockSigningIdentity) SetPrivateKey

                                    func (m *MockSigningIdentity) SetPrivateKey(key core.Key)

                                      SetPrivateKey sets the private key

                                      func (*MockSigningIdentity) Sign

                                      func (m *MockSigningIdentity) Sign(msg []byte) ([]byte, error)

                                        Sign the message

                                        func (*MockSigningIdentity) Verify

                                        func (m *MockSigningIdentity) Verify(msg []byte, sig []byte) error

                                          Verify a signature over some message using this identity as reference

                                          type MockUserStore

                                          type MockUserStore struct {

                                            MockUserStore ...

                                            func (*MockUserStore) Load

                                            func (m *MockUserStore) Load(identifier msp.IdentityIdentifier) (*msp.UserData, error)

                                              Load ...

                                              func (*MockUserStore) Store

                                              func (m *MockUserStore) Store(*msp.UserData) error

                                                Store ...