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package test

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func AddACL

func AddACL(config *common.Config, policyName, policy string) error

AddACL adds an ACL config value to channel config

func Failf

func Failf(t *testing.T, template string, args ...interface{})

Failf - as t.Fatalf is not goroutine safe, this function behaves like t.Fatalf.

func Logf

func Logf(template string, args ...interface{})

Logf writes to stdout and flushes. Applicable for when t.Logf can't be used.

func ModifyMaxMessageCount

func ModifyMaxMessageCount(config *common.Config) (uint32, error)

ModifyMaxMessageCount increments the orderer's BatchSize.MaxMessageCount in a channel config

func VerifyACL

func VerifyACL(config *common.Config, expectedPolicyName, expectedPolicy string) error

VerifyACL verifies an ACL config value

func VerifyMaxMessageCount

func VerifyMaxMessageCount(config *common.Config, expected uint32) error

VerifyMaxMessageCount verifies the orderer's BatchSize.MaxMessageCount in a channel config

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