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type Runner

type Runner struct {
	Org1Name      string
	Org2Name      string
	Org1AdminUser string
	Org2AdminUser string
	Org1User      string
	Org2User      string
	ChannelID     string
	CCPath        string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    Runner provides common data for running integration tests.

    func New

    func New() *Runner

      New constructs a Runner instance using defaults.

      func NewWithExampleCC

      func NewWithExampleCC() *Runner

        NewWithExampleCC constructs a Runner instance using defaults and configures to install example CC.

        func (*Runner) ExampleChaincodeID

        func (r *Runner) ExampleChaincodeID() string

          ExampleChaincodeID returns the generated chaincode ID for example CC.

          func (*Runner) Initialize

          func (r *Runner) Initialize()

            Initialize prepares for the test run.

            func (*Runner) Run

            func (r *Runner) Run(m *testing.M)

              Run executes the test suite against ExampleCC.

              func (*Runner) SDK

              func (r *Runner) SDK() *fabsdk.FabricSDK

                SDK returns the instantiated SDK instance. Panics if nil.

                func (*Runner) TestSetup

                func (r *Runner) TestSetup() *integration.BaseSetupImpl

                  TestSetup returns the integration test setup.

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