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func FromFile

func FromFile(name string, opts ...Option) core.ConfigProvider

FromFile reads from named config file

func FromRaw

func FromRaw(configBytes []byte, configType string, opts ...Option) core.ConfigProvider

FromRaw will initialize the configs from a byte array

func FromReader

func FromReader(in io.Reader, configType string, opts ...Option) core.ConfigProvider

FromReader loads configuration from in. configType can be "json" or "yaml".

func NetworkPeerConfigFromURL

func NetworkPeerConfigFromURL(cfg core.Config, url string) (*core.NetworkPeer, error)

NetworkPeerConfigFromURL fetches the peer configuration based on a URL.

func SubstPathVars

func SubstPathVars(path string) string

SubstPathVars replaces instances of '${VARNAME}' (eg ${GOPATH}) with the variable. As a special case, $GOPATH is also replaced. NOTE: this function currently only performs substitution when the path string starts with $

as the path variables are intended to assist with testing.


type Config

type Config struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Config represents the configuration for the client

func (*Config) CAClientCertPath

func (c *Config) CAClientCertPath(org string) (string, error)

CAClientCertPath Read configuration option for the fabric CA client cert file

func (*Config) CAClientCertPem

func (c *Config) CAClientCertPem(org string) (string, error)

CAClientCertPem Read configuration option for the fabric CA client cert pem embedded in the client config

func (*Config) CAClientKeyPath

func (c *Config) CAClientKeyPath(org string) (string, error)

CAClientKeyPath Read configuration option for the fabric CA client key file

func (*Config) CAClientKeyPem

func (c *Config) CAClientKeyPem(org string) (string, error)

CAClientKeyPem Read configuration option for the fabric CA client key pem embedded in the client config

func (*Config) CAConfig

func (c *Config) CAConfig(org string) (*core.CAConfig, error)

CAConfig returns the CA configuration.

func (*Config) CAKeyStorePath

func (c *Config) CAKeyStorePath() string

CAKeyStorePath returns the same path as KeyStorePath() without the 'keystore' directory added. This is done because the fabric-ca-client adds this to the path

func (*Config) CAServerCertPaths

func (c *Config) CAServerCertPaths(org string) ([]string, error)

CAServerCertPaths Read configuration option for the server certificates will send a list of cert file paths

func (*Config) CAServerCertPems

func (c *Config) CAServerCertPems(org string) ([]string, error)

CAServerCertPems Read configuration option for the server certificates will send a list of cert pem contents directly from the config bytes array

func (*Config) ChannelConfig

func (c *Config) ChannelConfig(name string) (*core.ChannelConfig, error)

ChannelConfig returns the channel configuration

func (*Config) ChannelOrderers

func (c *Config) ChannelOrderers(name string) ([]core.OrdererConfig, error)

ChannelOrderers returns a list of channel orderers

func (*Config) ChannelPeers

func (c *Config) ChannelPeers(name string) ([]core.ChannelPeer, error)

ChannelPeers returns the channel peers configuration

func (*Config) Client

func (c *Config) Client() (*core.ClientConfig, error)

Client returns the Client config

func (*Config) CredentialStorePath

func (c *Config) CredentialStorePath() string

CredentialStorePath returns the user store path

func (*Config) CryptoConfigPath

func (c *Config) CryptoConfigPath() string

CryptoConfigPath ...

func (*Config) Ephemeral

func (c *Config) Ephemeral() bool

Ephemeral flag

func (*Config) EventServiceType

func (c *Config) EventServiceType() core.EventServiceType

EventServiceType returns the type of event service client to use

func (*Config) IsSecurityEnabled

func (c *Config) IsSecurityEnabled() bool

IsSecurityEnabled ...

func (*Config) KeyStorePath

func (c *Config) KeyStorePath() string

KeyStorePath returns the keystore path used by BCCSP

func (*Config) MSPID

func (c *Config) MSPID(org string) (string, error)

MSPID returns the MSP ID for the requested organization

func (*Config) NetworkConfig

func (c *Config) NetworkConfig() (*core.NetworkConfig, error)

NetworkConfig returns the network configuration defined in the config file

func (*Config) NetworkPeers

func (c *Config) NetworkPeers() ([]core.NetworkPeer, error)

NetworkPeers returns the network peers configuration

func (*Config) OrdererConfig

func (c *Config) OrdererConfig(name string) (*core.OrdererConfig, error)

OrdererConfig returns the requested orderer

func (*Config) OrderersConfig

func (c *Config) OrderersConfig() ([]core.OrdererConfig, error)

OrderersConfig returns a list of defined orderers

func (*Config) PeerConfig

func (c *Config) PeerConfig(org string, name string) (*core.PeerConfig, error)

PeerConfig Retrieves a specific peer from the configuration by org and name

func (*Config) PeerConfigByURL

func (c *Config) PeerConfigByURL(url string) (*core.PeerConfig, error)

PeerConfigByURL retrieves PeerConfig by URL

func (*Config) PeerMSPID

func (c *Config) PeerMSPID(name string) (string, error)

PeerMSPID returns msp that peer belongs to

func (*Config) PeersConfig

func (c *Config) PeersConfig(org string) ([]core.PeerConfig, error)

PeersConfig Retrieves the fabric peers for the specified org from the config file provided

func (*Config) RandomOrdererConfig

func (c *Config) RandomOrdererConfig() (*core.OrdererConfig, error)

RandomOrdererConfig returns a pseudo-random orderer from the network config

func (*Config) SecurityAlgorithm

func (c *Config) SecurityAlgorithm() string

SecurityAlgorithm ...

func (*Config) SecurityLevel

func (c *Config) SecurityLevel() int

SecurityLevel ...

func (*Config) SecurityProvider

func (c *Config) SecurityProvider() string

SecurityProvider provider SW or PKCS11

func (*Config) SecurityProviderLabel

func (c *Config) SecurityProviderLabel() string

SecurityProviderLabel will be set only if provider is PKCS11

func (*Config) SecurityProviderLibPath

func (c *Config) SecurityProviderLibPath() string

SecurityProviderLibPath will be set only if provider is PKCS11

func (*Config) SecurityProviderPin

func (c *Config) SecurityProviderPin() string

SecurityProviderPin will be set only if provider is PKCS11

func (*Config) SoftVerify

func (c *Config) SoftVerify() bool

SoftVerify flag

func (*Config) TLSCACertPool

func (c *Config) TLSCACertPool(certs ...*x509.Certificate) (*x509.CertPool, error)

TLSCACertPool returns the configured cert pool. If a certConfig is provided, the certficate is added to the pool

func (*Config) TLSClientCerts

func (c *Config) TLSClientCerts() ([]tls.Certificate, error)

TLSClientCerts loads the client's certs for mutual TLS It checks the config for embedded pem files before looking for cert files

func (*Config) Timeout

func (c *Config) Timeout(tType core.TimeoutType) time.Duration

Timeout reads timeouts for the given timeout type, the default is 0 if type is not found in config

func (*Config) TimeoutOrDefault

func (c *Config) TimeoutOrDefault(tType core.TimeoutType) time.Duration

TimeoutOrDefault reads timeouts for the given timeout type, if not found, defaultTimeout is returned

type Option

type Option func(opts *options) error

Option configures the package.

func WithEnvPrefix

func WithEnvPrefix(prefix string) Option

WithEnvPrefix defines the prefix for environment variable overrides. See viper SetEnvPrefix for more information.

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