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Published: Aug 4, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


type ValidationFlags

type ValidationFlags []uint8

ValidationFlags is array of transaction validation codes. It is used when committer validates block.

func New

func New(size int) ValidationFlags

New create new object-array of validation codes with target size. Default values: TxValidationCode_NOT_VALIDATED

func NewWithValues

func NewWithValues(size int, value peer.TxValidationCode) ValidationFlags

NewWithValues creates new object-array of validation codes with target size and the supplied value

func (ValidationFlags) Flag

func (obj ValidationFlags) Flag(txIndex int) peer.TxValidationCode

Flag returns validation code at specified transaction

func (ValidationFlags) IsInvalid

func (obj ValidationFlags) IsInvalid(txIndex int) bool

IsInvalid checks if specified transaction is invalid

func (ValidationFlags) IsSetTo

func (obj ValidationFlags) IsSetTo(txIndex int, flag peer.TxValidationCode) bool

IsSetTo returns true if the specified transaction equals flag; false otherwise.

func (ValidationFlags) IsValid

func (obj ValidationFlags) IsValid(txIndex int) bool

IsValid checks if specified transaction is valid

func (ValidationFlags) SetFlag

func (obj ValidationFlags) SetFlag(txIndex int, flag peer.TxValidationCode)

SetFlag assigns validation code to specified transaction

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