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func ArrayToChaincodeArgs

func ArrayToChaincodeArgs(args []string) [][]byte

func ComputeCryptoHash

func ComputeCryptoHash(data []byte) (hash []byte)

ComputeCryptoHash should be used in openchain code so that we can change the actual algo used for crypto-hash at one place

func CreateUtcTimestamp

func CreateUtcTimestamp() *timestamp.Timestamp

CreateUtcTimestamp returns a google/protobuf/Timestamp in UTC

func FindMissingElements

func FindMissingElements(all []string, some []string) (delta []string)

FindMissingElements identifies the elements of the first slice that are not present in the second The second slice is expected to be a subset of the first slice

func GenerateBytesUUID

func GenerateBytesUUID() []byte

GenerateBytesUUID returns a UUID based on RFC 4122 returning the generated bytes

func GenerateHashFromSignature

func GenerateHashFromSignature(path string, args []byte) []byte

GenerateHashFromSignature returns a hash of the combined parameters

func GenerateIDWithAlg

func GenerateIDWithAlg(customIDgenAlg string, payload []byte) (string, error)

GenerateIDWithAlg generates an ID using a custom algorithm

func GenerateIDfromTxSHAHash

func GenerateIDfromTxSHAHash(payload []byte) string

GenerateIDfromTxSHAHash generates SHA256 hash using Tx payload

func GenerateIntUUID

func GenerateIntUUID() *big.Int

GenerateIntUUID returns a UUID based on RFC 4122 returning a big.Int

func GenerateUUID

func GenerateUUID() string

GenerateUUID returns a UUID based on RFC 4122

func ToChaincodeArgs

func ToChaincodeArgs(args ...string) [][]byte


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