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const (
	DefStartupGracePeriod       = time.Second * 15
	DefMembershipSampleInterval = time.Second
	DefLeaderAliveThreshold     = time.Second * 10
	DefLeaderElectionDuration   = time.Second * 5


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type ElectionConfig added in v1.4.1

type ElectionConfig struct {
	StartupGracePeriod       time.Duration
	MembershipSampleInterval time.Duration
	LeaderAliveThreshold     time.Duration
	LeaderElectionDuration   time.Duration

type LeaderElectionAdapter

type LeaderElectionAdapter interface {
	// Gossip gossips a message to other peers

	// Accept returns a channel that emits messages
	Accept() <-chan Msg

	// CreateProposalMessage
	CreateMessage(isDeclaration bool) Msg

	// Peers returns a list of peers considered alive
	Peers() []Peer

	// ReportMetrics sends a report to the metrics server about a leadership status
	ReportMetrics(isLeader bool)

LeaderElectionAdapter is used by the leader election module to send and receive messages and to get membership information

func NewAdapter

func NewAdapter(gossip gossip, pkiid common.PKIidType, channel common.ChannelID,
	metrics *metrics.ElectionMetrics) LeaderElectionAdapter

NewAdapter creates new leader election adapter

type LeaderElectionService

type LeaderElectionService interface {
	// IsLeader returns whether this peer is a leader or not
	IsLeader() bool

	// Stop stops the LeaderElectionService

	// Yield relinquishes the leadership until a new leader is elected,
	// or a timeout expires

LeaderElectionService is the object that runs the leader election algorithm

func NewLeaderElectionService

func NewLeaderElectionService(adapter LeaderElectionAdapter, id string, callback leadershipCallback, config ElectionConfig) LeaderElectionService

NewLeaderElectionService returns a new LeaderElectionService

type Msg

type Msg interface {
	// SenderID returns the ID of the peer sent the message
	SenderID() peerID
	// IsProposal returns whether this message is a leadership proposal
	IsProposal() bool
	// IsDeclaration returns whether this message is a leadership declaration
	IsDeclaration() bool

Msg describes a message sent from a remote peer

type Peer

type Peer interface {
	// ID returns the ID of the peer
	ID() peerID

Peer describes a remote peer

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