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const (
	EndorserRequired       bool = true
	EndorserNotRequired    bool = false
	OrdererRequired        bool = true
	OrdererNotRequired     bool = false
	PeerDeliverRequired    bool = true
	PeerDeliverNotRequired bool = false


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func AddFlags

func AddFlags(cmd *cobra.Command)

AddFlags adds flags for create and join

func Cmd

Cmd returns the cobra command for Node


type BroadcastClientFactory

type BroadcastClientFactory func() (common.BroadcastClient, error)

type ChannelCmdFactory

type ChannelCmdFactory struct {
	EndorserClient   pb.EndorserClient
	Signer           msp.SigningIdentity
	BroadcastClient  common.BroadcastClient
	DeliverClient    deliverClientIntf
	BroadcastFactory BroadcastClientFactory

ChannelCmdFactory holds the clients used by ChannelCmdFactory

func InitCmdFactory

func InitCmdFactory(isEndorserRequired, isPeerDeliverRequired, isOrdererRequired bool) (*ChannelCmdFactory, error)

InitCmdFactory init the ChannelCmdFactory with clients to endorser and orderer according to params

type ConfigTxFileNotFound

type ConfigTxFileNotFound string

ConfigTxFileNotFound channel create configuration tx file not found

func (ConfigTxFileNotFound) Error

func (e ConfigTxFileNotFound) Error() string

type GBFileNotFoundErr

type GBFileNotFoundErr string

GBFileNotFoundErr genesis block file not found

func (GBFileNotFoundErr) Error

func (e GBFileNotFoundErr) Error() string

type InvalidCreateTx

type InvalidCreateTx string

InvalidCreateTx invalid channel create transaction

func (InvalidCreateTx) Error

func (e InvalidCreateTx) Error() string

type ProposalFailedErr

type ProposalFailedErr string

ProposalFailedErr proposal failed

func (ProposalFailedErr) Error

func (e ProposalFailedErr) Error() string


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