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Code generated by counterfeiter. DO NOT EDIT.



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type DeliverService

type DeliverService struct {
	CloseSendStub func() error

	ContextStub func() context.Context

	HeaderStub func() (metadata.MD, error)

	RecvStub func() (*orderer.DeliverResponse, error)

	RecvMsgStub func(interface{}) error

	SendStub func(*commona.Envelope) error

	SendMsgStub func(interface{}) error

	TrailerStub func() metadata.MD
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*DeliverService) CloseSend

func (fake *DeliverService) CloseSend() error

func (*DeliverService) CloseSendCallCount

func (fake *DeliverService) CloseSendCallCount() int

func (*DeliverService) CloseSendCalls

func (fake *DeliverService) CloseSendCalls(stub func() error)

func (*DeliverService) CloseSendReturns

func (fake *DeliverService) CloseSendReturns(result1 error)

func (*DeliverService) CloseSendReturnsOnCall

func (fake *DeliverService) CloseSendReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 error)

func (*DeliverService) Context

func (fake *DeliverService) Context() context.Context

func (*DeliverService) ContextCallCount

func (fake *DeliverService) ContextCallCount() int

func (*DeliverService) ContextCalls

func (fake *DeliverService) ContextCalls(stub func() context.Context)

func (*DeliverService) ContextReturns

func (fake *DeliverService) ContextReturns(result1 context.Context)

func (*DeliverService) ContextReturnsOnCall

func (fake *DeliverService) ContextReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 context.Context)

func (*DeliverService) Header

func (fake *DeliverService) Header() (metadata.MD, error)

func (*DeliverService) HeaderCallCount

func (fake *DeliverService) HeaderCallCount() int

func (*DeliverService) HeaderCalls

func (fake *DeliverService) HeaderCalls(stub func() (metadata.MD, error))

func (*DeliverService) HeaderReturns

func (fake *DeliverService) HeaderReturns(result1 metadata.MD, result2 error)

func (*DeliverService) HeaderReturnsOnCall

func (fake *DeliverService) HeaderReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 metadata.MD, result2 error)

func (*DeliverService) Invocations

func (fake *DeliverService) Invocations() map[string][][]interface{}

func (*DeliverService) Recv

func (fake *DeliverService) Recv() (*orderer.DeliverResponse, error)

func (*DeliverService) RecvCallCount

func (fake *DeliverService) RecvCallCount() int

func (*DeliverService) RecvCalls

func (fake *DeliverService) RecvCalls(stub func() (*orderer.DeliverResponse, error))

func (*DeliverService) RecvMsg

func (fake *DeliverService) RecvMsg(arg1 interface{}) error

func (*DeliverService) RecvMsgArgsForCall

func (fake *DeliverService) RecvMsgArgsForCall(i int) interface{}

func (*DeliverService) RecvMsgCallCount

func (fake *DeliverService) RecvMsgCallCount() int

func (*DeliverService) RecvMsgCalls

func (fake *DeliverService) RecvMsgCalls(stub func(interface{}) error)

func (*DeliverService) RecvMsgReturns

func (fake *DeliverService) RecvMsgReturns(result1 error)

func (*DeliverService) RecvMsgReturnsOnCall

func (fake *DeliverService) RecvMsgReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 error)

func (*DeliverService) RecvReturns

func (fake *DeliverService) RecvReturns(result1 *orderer.DeliverResponse, result2 error)

func (*DeliverService) RecvReturnsOnCall

func (fake *DeliverService) RecvReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 *orderer.DeliverResponse, result2 error)

func (*DeliverService) Send

func (fake *DeliverService) Send(arg1 *commona.Envelope) error

func (*DeliverService) SendArgsForCall

func (fake *DeliverService) SendArgsForCall(i int) *commona.Envelope

func (*DeliverService) SendCallCount

func (fake *DeliverService) SendCallCount() int

func (*DeliverService) SendCalls

func (fake *DeliverService) SendCalls(stub func(*commona.Envelope) error)

func (*DeliverService) SendMsg

func (fake *DeliverService) SendMsg(arg1 interface{}) error

func (*DeliverService) SendMsgArgsForCall

func (fake *DeliverService) SendMsgArgsForCall(i int) interface{}

func (*DeliverService) SendMsgCallCount

func (fake *DeliverService) SendMsgCallCount() int

func (*DeliverService) SendMsgCalls

func (fake *DeliverService) SendMsgCalls(stub func(interface{}) error)

func (*DeliverService) SendMsgReturns

func (fake *DeliverService) SendMsgReturns(result1 error)

func (*DeliverService) SendMsgReturnsOnCall

func (fake *DeliverService) SendMsgReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 error)

func (*DeliverService) SendReturns

func (fake *DeliverService) SendReturns(result1 error)

func (*DeliverService) SendReturnsOnCall

func (fake *DeliverService) SendReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 error)

func (*DeliverService) Trailer

func (fake *DeliverService) Trailer() metadata.MD

func (*DeliverService) TrailerCallCount

func (fake *DeliverService) TrailerCallCount() int

func (*DeliverService) TrailerCalls

func (fake *DeliverService) TrailerCalls(stub func() metadata.MD)

func (*DeliverService) TrailerReturns

func (fake *DeliverService) TrailerReturns(result1 metadata.MD)

func (*DeliverService) TrailerReturnsOnCall

func (fake *DeliverService) TrailerReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 metadata.MD)

type SignerSerializer

type SignerSerializer struct {
	SerializeStub func() ([]byte, error)

	SignStub func([]byte) ([]byte, error)
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*SignerSerializer) Invocations

func (fake *SignerSerializer) Invocations() map[string][][]interface{}

func (*SignerSerializer) Serialize

func (fake *SignerSerializer) Serialize() ([]byte, error)

func (*SignerSerializer) SerializeCallCount

func (fake *SignerSerializer) SerializeCallCount() int

func (*SignerSerializer) SerializeCalls

func (fake *SignerSerializer) SerializeCalls(stub func() ([]byte, error))

func (*SignerSerializer) SerializeReturns

func (fake *SignerSerializer) SerializeReturns(result1 []byte, result2 error)

func (*SignerSerializer) SerializeReturnsOnCall

func (fake *SignerSerializer) SerializeReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 []byte, result2 error)

func (*SignerSerializer) Sign

func (fake *SignerSerializer) Sign(arg1 []byte) ([]byte, error)

func (*SignerSerializer) SignArgsForCall

func (fake *SignerSerializer) SignArgsForCall(i int) []byte

func (*SignerSerializer) SignCallCount

func (fake *SignerSerializer) SignCallCount() int

func (*SignerSerializer) SignCalls

func (fake *SignerSerializer) SignCalls(stub func([]byte) ([]byte, error))

func (*SignerSerializer) SignReturns

func (fake *SignerSerializer) SignReturns(result1 []byte, result2 error)

func (*SignerSerializer) SignReturnsOnCall

func (fake *SignerSerializer) SignReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 []byte, result2 error)

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