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type BlockVerifier

type BlockVerifier interface {
	VerifyBlock(channelID gossipcommon.ChannelID, blockNum uint64, block *common.Block) error

type DeliverStreamer

type DeliverStreamer interface {
	Deliver(context.Context, *grpc.ClientConn) (orderer.AtomicBroadcast_DeliverClient, error)

type Deliverer

type Deliverer struct {
	ChannelID       string
	Gossip          GossipServiceAdapter
	Ledger          LedgerInfo
	BlockVerifier   BlockVerifier
	Dialer          Dialer
	Orderers        OrdererConnectionSource
	DoneC           chan struct{}
	Signer          identity.SignerSerializer
	DeliverStreamer DeliverStreamer
	Logger          *flogging.FabricLogger
	YieldLeadership bool

	MaxRetryDelay     time.Duration
	InitialRetryDelay time.Duration
	MaxRetryDuration  time.Duration

	// TLSCertHash should be nil when TLS is not enabled
	TLSCertHash []byte // util.ComputeSHA256(b.credSupport.GetClientCertificate().Certificate[0])
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Deliverer the actual implementation for BlocksProvider interface

func (*Deliverer) DeliverBlocks

func (d *Deliverer) DeliverBlocks()

DeliverBlocks used to pull out blocks from the ordering service to distributed them across peers

func (*Deliverer) Stop

func (d *Deliverer) Stop()

Stop stops blocks delivery provider

type Dialer

type Dialer interface {
	Dial(address string, certPool *x509.CertPool) (*grpc.ClientConn, error)

type GossipServiceAdapter

type GossipServiceAdapter interface {
	// AddPayload adds payload to the local state sync buffer
	AddPayload(chainID string, payload *gossip.Payload) error

	// Gossip the message across the peers
	Gossip(msg *gossip.GossipMessage)

GossipServiceAdapter serves to provide basic functionality required from gossip service by delivery service

type LedgerInfo

type LedgerInfo interface {
	// LedgerHeight returns current local ledger height
	LedgerHeight() (uint64, error)

LedgerInfo an adapter to provide the interface to query the ledger committer for current ledger height

type OrdererConnectionSource

type OrdererConnectionSource interface {
	RandomEndpoint() (*orderers.Endpoint, error)


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