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const DefaultFunctionNamespace string = "default"

DefaultFunctionNamespace define default work namespace


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func MakeDeleteHandler

func MakeDeleteHandler(functionNamespace string, clientset *kubernetes.Clientset) http.HandlerFunc

MakeDeleteHandler delete a function

func MakeDeployHandler

func MakeDeployHandler(functionNamespace string, clientset *kubernetes.Clientset, config *DeployHandlerConfig) http.HandlerFunc

MakeDeployHandler creates a handler to create new functions in the cluster

func MakeFunctionReader

func MakeFunctionReader(functionNamespace string, clientset *kubernetes.Clientset) http.HandlerFunc

MakeFunctionReader handler for reading functions deployed in the cluster as deployments.

func MakeHealthHandler

func MakeHealthHandler() http.HandlerFunc

MakeHealthHandler returns 200/OK when healthy

func MakeProxy

func MakeProxy(functionNamespace string, timeout time.Duration) http.HandlerFunc

MakeProxy creates a proxy for HTTP web requests which can be routed to a function.

func MakeReplicaReader

func MakeReplicaReader(functionNamespace string, clientset *kubernetes.Clientset) http.HandlerFunc

MakeReplicaReader reads the amount of replicas for a deployment

func MakeReplicaUpdater

func MakeReplicaUpdater(functionNamespace string, clientset *kubernetes.Clientset) http.HandlerFunc

MakeReplicaUpdater updates desired count of replicas

func MakeUpdateHandler

func MakeUpdateHandler(functionNamespace string, clientset *kubernetes.Clientset) http.HandlerFunc

MakeUpdateHandler update specified function

func UpdateSecrets

func UpdateSecrets(request requests.CreateFunctionRequest, deployment *v1beta1.Deployment, existingSecrets map[string]*apiv1.Secret) error

UpdateSecrets will update the Deployment spec to include secrets that have beenb deployed in the kubernetes cluster. For each requested secret, we inspect the type and add it to the deployment spec as appropriat: secrets with type `SecretTypeDockercfg` are added as ImagePullSecrets all other secrets are mounted as files in the deployments containers.

func ValidateDeployRequest

func ValidateDeployRequest(request *requests.CreateFunctionRequest) error

ValidateDeployRequest validates that the service name is valid for Kubernetes


type DeployHandlerConfig

type DeployHandlerConfig struct {
	EnableFunctionReadinessProbe bool

DeployHandlerConfig specify options for Deployments

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