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func EscapePath added in v0.14.0

func EscapePath(path string) string

EscapePath escapes URL path according to AWS escaping rules.

This func can be used to escape S3 object keys for HTTP access.

func Session

func Session(opts ...SessionOption) (*session.Session, error)

Session returns an AWS session as described

func StderrTokenProvider

func StderrTokenProvider() (string, error)

StderrTokenProvider implements token provider for AWS SDK.


type SessionOption

type SessionOption func(*session.Options)

SessionOption is an option for session.

func AssumeRoleTokenProvider

func AssumeRoleTokenProvider(provider func() (string, error)) SessionOption

AssumeRoleTokenProvider is an option for setting custom assume role token provider.

func DynamicBucketRegion added in v0.11.0

func DynamicBucketRegion(s3URL string) SessionOption

DynamicBucketRegion is an option for determining the Helm S3 bucket's AWS region dynamically thus allowing the mixed use of buckets residing in different regions without requiring manual updates on the HELM_S3_REGION, AWS_REGION, or AWS_DEFAULT_REGION environment variables.

This HEAD bucket solution works with all kinds of S3 URIs containing the bucket name in the host part.

The basic idea behind the HEAD bucket solution and the "official confirmation" this behavior is expected and supported came from a comment on the AWS SDK Go repository:

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