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func GenMan

func GenMan(cmd *cobra.Command, header *GenManHeader, w io.Writer) error

GenMan will generate a man page for the given command and write it to w. The header argument may be nil, however obviously w may not.

func GenManTree

func GenManTree(cmd *cobra.Command, header *GenManHeader, dir string) error

GenManTree will generate a man page for this command and all decendants in the directory given. The header may be nil. This function may not work correctly if your command names have - in them. If you have `cmd` with two subcmds, `sub` and `sub-third`. And `sub` has a subcommand called `third` it is undefined which help output will be in the file `cmd-sub-third.1`.

func GenMarkdown

func GenMarkdown(cmd *cobra.Command, w io.Writer) error

func GenMarkdownCustom

func GenMarkdownCustom(cmd *cobra.Command, w io.Writer, linkHandler func(string) string) error

func GenMarkdownTree

func GenMarkdownTree(cmd *cobra.Command, dir string) error

func GenMarkdownTreeCustom

func GenMarkdownTreeCustom(cmd *cobra.Command, dir string, filePrepender, linkHandler func(string) string) error


type GenManHeader

type GenManHeader struct {
	Title   string
	Section string
	Date    *time.Time

	Source string
	Manual string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

GenManHeader is a lot like the .TH header at the start of man pages. These include the title, section, date, source, and manual. We will use the current time if Date if unset and will use "Auto generated by spf13/cobra" if the Source is unset.

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