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Package lager is the package for lager



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const (
	LogRotateDate  = 1
	LogRotateSize  = 10
	LogBackupCount = 7

constant values for logrotate parameters


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var Logger lager.Logger

Logger is the global variable for the object of lager.Logger


func CopyFile

func CopyFile(srcFile, destFile string) error

CopyFile copy file

func EscapPath

func EscapPath(msg string) string

EscapPath escape path

func FilterFileList

func FilterFileList(path, pat string) ([]string, error)

FilterFileList function for filter file list path : where the file will be filtered pat : regexp pattern to filter the matched file

func Initialize

func Initialize(writers, loggerLevel, loggerFile, rollingPolicy string, logFormatText bool,
	LogRotateDate, LogRotateSize, LogBackupCount int)

Initialize Build constructs a *Lager.Logger with the configured parameters.

func LogRotate

func LogRotate(path string, MaxFileSize int, MaxBackupCount int)

LogRotate function for log rotate path: where log files need rollover MaxFileSize: MaxSize of a file before rotate. By M Bytes. MaxBackupCount: Max counts to keep of a log's backup files.


type Lager

type Lager struct {
	Writers        string `yaml:"writers"`
	LoggerLevel    string `yaml:"logger_level"`
	LoggerFile     string `yaml:"logger_file"`
	LogFormatText  bool   `yaml:"log_format_text"`
	RollingPolicy  string `yaml:"rollingPolicy"`
	LogRotateDate  int    `yaml:"log_rotate_date"`
	LogRotateSize  int    `yaml:"log_rotate_size"`
	LogBackupCount int    `yaml:"log_backup_count"`

Lager struct for logger parameters

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