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const (
	//Name is a variable of type string which indicates the protocol being used
	Name              = "rest"
	DefaultMetricPath = "metrics"

constants for metric path and name


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type Context

type Context struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Context is a struct which has both request and response objects

func NewBaseServer

func NewBaseServer(ctx context.Context) *Context

NewBaseServer is a function which return context

func (*Context) AddHeader

func (bs *Context) AddHeader(header string, value string)

AddHeader is a function used to add header to a response

func (*Context) ReadBodyParameter

func (bs *Context) ReadBodyParameter(name string) (string, error)

ReadBodyParameter used to read body parameter of a request

func (*Context) ReadEntity

func (bs *Context) ReadEntity(schema interface{}) (err error)

ReadEntity is request reader

func (*Context) ReadHeader

func (bs *Context) ReadHeader(name string) string

ReadHeader is used to read header of request

func (*Context) ReadPathParameter

func (bs *Context) ReadPathParameter(name string) string

ReadPathParameter is used to read path parameter of a request

func (*Context) ReadPathParameters

func (bs *Context) ReadPathParameters() map[string]string

ReadPathParameters used to read multiple path parameters of a request

func (*Context) ReadQueryParameter

func (bs *Context) ReadQueryParameter(name string) string

ReadQueryParameter is used to read query parameter of a request

func (*Context) ReadRequest

func (bs *Context) ReadRequest() *http.Request

ReadRequest return a native net/http request

func (*Context) ReadResponseWriter

func (bs *Context) ReadResponseWriter() http.ResponseWriter

ReadResponseWriter return a native net/http ResponseWriter

func (*Context) Write

func (bs *Context) Write(body []byte)

write is the response writer.

func (*Context) WriteError

func (bs *Context) WriteError(httpStatus int, err error) error

WriteError is a function used to write error into a response

func (*Context) WriteHeader

func (bs *Context) WriteHeader(httpStatus int)

WriteHeader is the response head writer

func (*Context) WriteHeaderAndJSON

func (bs *Context) WriteHeaderAndJSON(status int, value interface{}, contentType string) error

WriteHeaderAndJSON used to write head and JSON file in to response

func (*Context) WriteJSON

func (bs *Context) WriteJSON(value interface{}, contentType string) error

WriteJSON used to write a JSON file into response

type Route

type Route struct {
	// Method is one of the following: GET,PUT,POST,DELETE
	Method string
	// Path contains a path pattern
	Path string
	//Resource function name
	ResourceFuncName string

Route is a struct

func GetRoutes

func GetRoutes(schema interface{}) ([]Route, error)

GetRoutes is a function used to respond to corresponding API calls

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