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type APIHealthArgs

type APIHealthArgs struct{}

APIHealthArgs are the arguments for Health

type APIHealthReply

type APIHealthReply struct {
	Checks  map[string]health.Result `json:"checks"`
	Healthy bool                     `json:"healthy"`

APIHealthReply is the response for Health

type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client for Avalanche Health API Endpoint

func NewClient

func NewClient(uri string, requestTimeout time.Duration) *Client

NewClient returns a client to interact with Health API endpoint

func (*Client) AwaitHealthy

func (c *Client) AwaitHealthy(checks int, interval time.Duration) (bool, error)

AwaitHealthy queries the GetLiveness endpoint [checks] times, with a pause of [interval] in between checks and returns early if GetLiveness returns healthy

func (*Client) GetLiveness

func (c *Client) GetLiveness() (*APIHealthReply, error)

GetLiveness returns a health check on the Avalanche node

func (*Client) Health

func (c *Client) Health() (*APIHealthReply, error)

Health returns a health check on the Avalanche node

type Service

type Service interface {
	Handler() (*common.HTTPHandler, error)

Service wraps a healthlib.Service. Handler() returns a handler that handles incoming HTTP API requests. We have this in a separate package from healthlib to avoid a circular import where this service imports snow/engine/common but that package imports healthlib.Checkable

func NewNoOpService

func NewNoOpService() Service

NewNoOpService returns a NoOp version of health check for when the Health API is disabled

func NewService

func NewService(checkFreq time.Duration, log logging.Logger, namespace string, registry prometheus.Registerer) (Service, error)

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