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type Mapper

type Mapper struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Mapper attempts to open a set of ports on a router

func NewPortMapper

func NewPortMapper(log logging.Logger, r Router) Mapper

NewPortMapper returns an initialized mapper

func (*Mapper) Map

func (m *Mapper) Map(protocol string, intPort, extPort uint16, desc string, ip *utils.DynamicIPDesc, updateTime time.Duration)

Map external port [extPort] (exposed to the internet) to internal port [intPort] (where our process is listening) and set [ip]. Does this every [updateTime]. [ip] may be nil.

func (*Mapper) UnmapAllPorts

func (m *Mapper) UnmapAllPorts()

UnmapAllPorts stops mapping all ports from this mapper and attempts to unmap them.

type Router

type Router interface {
	// True iff this router supports NAT
	SupportsNAT() bool
	// Map external port [extPort] to internal port [intPort] for [duration]
	MapPort(protocol string, intPort, extPort uint16, desc string, duration time.Duration) error
	// Undo a port mapping
	UnmapPort(protocol string, intPort, extPort uint16) error
	// Return our external IP
	ExternalIP() (net.IP, error)

Router describes the functionality that a network device must support to be able to open ports to an external IP.

func GetRouter

func GetRouter() Router

GetRouter returns a router on the current network.

func NewNoRouter

func NewNoRouter() Router

NewNoRouter returns a router that assumes the network is public

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