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type AliasLookup

type AliasLookup interface {
	Lookup(alias string) (ids.ID, error)
	PrimaryAlias(id ids.ID) (string, error)

AliasLookup ...

type Context

type Context struct {
	NetworkID uint32
	SubnetID  ids.ID
	ChainID   ids.ID
	NodeID    ids.ShortID

	XChainID    ids.ID
	AVAXAssetID ids.ID

	Log                 logging.Logger
	DecisionDispatcher  EventDispatcher
	ConsensusDispatcher EventDispatcher
	Lock                sync.RWMutex
	Keystore            keystore.BlockchainKeystore
	SharedMemory        atomic.SharedMemory
	BCLookup            AliasLookup
	SNLookup            SubnetLookup
	Namespace           string
	Metrics             prometheus.Registerer

	// Epoch management
	EpochFirstTransition time.Time
	EpochDuration        time.Duration
	Clock                timer.Clock
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Context is information about the current execution. [NetworkID] is the ID of the network this context exists within. [ChainID] is the ID of the chain this context exists within. [NodeID] is the ID of this node

func DefaultContextTest

func DefaultContextTest() *Context

DefaultContextTest ...

func (*Context) Bootstrapped

func (ctx *Context) Bootstrapped()

Bootstrapped marks this chain as done bootstrapping

func (*Context) Epoch

func (ctx *Context) Epoch() uint32

Epoch this context thinks it's in based on the wall clock time.

func (*Context) IsBootstrapped

func (ctx *Context) IsBootstrapped() bool

IsBootstrapped returns true iff this chain is done bootstrapping

type EventDispatcher

type EventDispatcher interface {
	Issue(ctx *Context, containerID ids.ID, container []byte) error
	// If the returned error is non-nil, the chain associated with [ctx] should shut
	// down and not commit [container] or any other container to its database as accepted.
	// Accept must be called before [containerID] is committed to the VM as accepted.
	Accept(ctx *Context, containerID ids.ID, container []byte) error
	Reject(ctx *Context, containerID ids.ID, container []byte) error

EventDispatcher ...

type SubnetLookup

type SubnetLookup interface {
	SubnetID(chainID ids.ID) (ids.ID, error)

SubnetLookup ...

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Package state manages the meta-data required by consensus for an avalanche dag.
Package state manages the meta-data required by consensus for an avalanche dag.

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