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type ChainVM

type ChainVM interface {

	// Attempt to create a new block from data contained in the VM.
	// If the VM doesn't want to issue a new block, an error should be
	// returned.
	BuildBlock() (snowman.Block, error)

	// Attempt to create a block from a stream of bytes.
	// The block should be represented by the full byte array, without extra
	// bytes.
	ParseBlock([]byte) (snowman.Block, error)

	// Attempt to load a block.
	// If the block does not exist, then an error should be returned.
	GetBlock(ids.ID) (snowman.Block, error)

	// Notify the VM of the currently preferred block.
	// This should always be a block that has no children known to consensus.
	SetPreference(ids.ID) error

	// LastAccepted returns the ID of the last accepted block.
	// If no blocks have been accepted by consensus yet, it is assumed there is
	// a definitionally accepted block, the Genesis block, that will be
	// returned.
	LastAccepted() (ids.ID, error)

ChainVM defines the required functionality of a Snowman VM.

A Snowman VM is responsible for defining the representation of state, the representation of operations on that state, the application of operations on that state, and the creation of the operations. Consensus will decide on if the operation is executed and the order operations are executed in.

For example, suppose we have a VM that tracks an increasing number that is agreed upon by the network. The state is a single number. The operation is setting the number to a new, larger value. Applying the operation will save to the database the new value. The VM can attempt to issue a new number, of larger value, at any time. Consensus will ensure the network agrees on the number at every block height.

type TestVM

type TestVM struct {

	CantLastAccepted bool

	BuildBlockF    func() (snowman.Block, error)
	ParseBlockF    func([]byte) (snowman.Block, error)
	GetBlockF      func(ids.ID) (snowman.Block, error)
	SetPreferenceF func(ids.ID) error
	LastAcceptedF  func() (ids.ID, error)

TestVM is a ChainVM that is useful for testing.

func (*TestVM) BuildBlock

func (vm *TestVM) BuildBlock() (snowman.Block, error)

func (*TestVM) Default

func (vm *TestVM) Default(cant bool)

func (*TestVM) GetBlock

func (vm *TestVM) GetBlock(id ids.ID) (snowman.Block, error)

func (*TestVM) LastAccepted

func (vm *TestVM) LastAccepted() (ids.ID, error)

func (*TestVM) ParseBlock

func (vm *TestVM) ParseBlock(b []byte) (snowman.Block, error)

func (*TestVM) SetPreference

func (vm *TestVM) SetPreference(id ids.ID) error

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