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type FormattedTx

type FormattedTx struct {
	Tx       string              `json:"tx"`
	Encoding formatting.Encoding `json:"encoding"`

FormattedTx defines a JSON formatted struct containing a Tx in CB58 format

type GetTxArgs

type GetTxArgs struct {
	TxID     ids.ID              `json:"txID"`
	Encoding formatting.Encoding `json:"encoding"`

GetTxArgs ...

type GetUTXOsArgs

type GetUTXOsArgs struct {
	Addresses   []string            `json:"addresses"`
	SourceChain string              `json:"sourceChain"`
	Limit       json.Uint32         `json:"limit"`
	StartIndex  Index               `json:"startIndex"`
	Encoding    formatting.Encoding `json:"encoding"`

GetUTXOsArgs are arguments for passing into GetUTXOs. Gets the UTXOs that reference at least one address in [Addresses]. Returns at most [limit] addresses. If specified, [SourceChain] is the chain where the atomic UTXOs were exported from. If empty, or the Chain ID of this VM is specified, then GetUTXOs fetches the native UTXOs. If [limit] == 0 or > [maxUTXOsToFetch], fetches up to [maxUTXOsToFetch]. [StartIndex] defines where to start fetching UTXOs (for pagination.) UTXOs fetched are from addresses equal to or greater than [StartIndex.Address] For address [StartIndex.Address], only UTXOs with IDs greater than [StartIndex.UTXO] will be returned. If [StartIndex] is omitted, gets all UTXOs. If GetUTXOs is called multiple times, with our without [StartIndex], it is not guaranteed that returned UTXOs are unique. That is, the same UTXO may appear in the response of multiple calls.

type GetUTXOsReply

type GetUTXOsReply struct {
	// Number of UTXOs returned
	NumFetched json.Uint64 `json:"numFetched"`
	// The UTXOs
	UTXOs []string `json:"utxos"`
	// The last UTXO that was returned, and the address it corresponds to.
	// Used for pagination. To get the rest of the UTXOs, call GetUTXOs
	// again and set [StartIndex] to this value.
	EndIndex Index `json:"endIndex"`
	// Encoding specifies the encoding format the UTXOs are returned in
	Encoding formatting.Encoding `json:"encoding"`

GetUTXOsReply defines the GetUTXOs replies returned from the API

type Index

type Index struct {
	Address string `json:"address"` // The address as a string
	UTXO    string `json:"utxo"`    // The UTXO ID as a string

Index is an address and an associated UTXO. Marks a starting or stopping point when fetching UTXOs. Used for pagination.

type JSONAddress

type JSONAddress struct {
	Address string `json:"address"`

JSONAddress contains an address

type JSONAddresses

type JSONAddresses struct {
	Addresses []string `json:"addresses"`

JSONAddresses contains a list of address

type JSONChangeAddr

type JSONChangeAddr struct {
	ChangeAddr string `json:"changeAddr"`

JSONChangeAddr is the address change is sent to, if any

type JSONFromAddrs

type JSONFromAddrs struct {
	From []string `json:"from"`

JSONFromAddrs is a list of addresses to send funds from

type JSONSpendHeader

type JSONSpendHeader struct {

JSONSpendHeader is 3 arguments to a method that spends (including those with tx fees) 1) The username/password 2) The addresses used in the method 3) The address to send change to


type JSONTxID struct {
	TxID ids.ID `json:"txID"`

JSONTxID contains the ID of a transaction

type JSONTxIDChangeAddr

type JSONTxIDChangeAddr struct {

JSONTxIDChangeAddr is a tx ID and change address

type SuccessResponse

type SuccessResponse struct {
	Success bool `json:"success"`

SuccessResponse indicates success of an API call

type UserPass

type UserPass struct {
	Username string `json:"username"`
	Password string `json:"password"`

UserPass contains a username and a password


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