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var (
	BootstrappedKey = []byte{0x00}


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type ChainConfig

type ChainConfig struct {
	Config  []byte
	Upgrade []byte

ChainConfig is configuration settings for the current execution. [Config] is the user-provided config blob for the chain. [Upgrade] is a chain-specific blob for coordinating upgrades.

type ChainParameters

type ChainParameters struct {
	ID          ids.ID   // The ID of the chain being created
	SubnetID    ids.ID   // ID of the subnet that validates this chain
	GenesisData []byte   // The genesis data of this chain's ledger
	VMAlias     string   // The ID of the vm this chain is running
	FxAliases   []string // The IDs of the feature extensions this chain is running

	CustomBeacons validators.Set // Should only be set if the default beacons can't be used.

ChainParameters defines the chain being created

type Manager

type Manager interface {
	// Return the router this Manager is using to route consensus messages to chains
	Router() router.Router

	// Create a chain in the future

	// Create a chain now

	// Add a registrant [r]. Every time a chain is
	// created, [r].RegisterChain([new chain]) is called.

	// Given an alias, return the ID of the chain associated with that alias
	Lookup(string) (ids.ID, error)

	// Given an alias, return the ID of the VM associated with that alias
	LookupVM(string) (ids.ID, error)

	// Return the aliases associated with a chain
	Aliases(ids.ID) []string

	// Add an alias to a chain
	Alias(ids.ID, string) error

	// Returns the ID of the subnet that is validating the provided chain
	SubnetID(chainID ids.ID) (ids.ID, error)

	// Returns true iff the chain with the given ID exists and is finished bootstrapping
	IsBootstrapped(ids.ID) bool


Manager manages the chains running on this node. It can:

* Create a chain
* Add a registrant. When a chain is created, each registrant calls
  RegisterChain with the new chain as the argument.
* Get the aliases associated with a given chain.
* Get the ID of the chain associated with a given alias.

func New

func New(config *ManagerConfig) Manager

New returns a new Manager

type ManagerConfig

type ManagerConfig struct {
	StakingEnabled            bool // True iff the network has staking enabled
	MaxPendingMsgs            uint32
	MaxNonStakerPendingMsgs   uint32
	StakerMSGPortion          float64
	StakerCPUPortion          float64
	Log                       logging.Logger
	LogFactory                logging.Factory
	VMManager                 vms.Manager // Manage mappings from vm ID --> vm
	DecisionEvents            *triggers.EventDispatcher
	ConsensusEvents           *triggers.EventDispatcher
	DBManager                 dbManager.Manager
	Router                    router.Router    // Routes incoming messages to the appropriate chain
	Net                       network.Network  // Sends consensus messages to other validators
	ConsensusParams           avcon.Parameters // The consensus parameters (alpha, beta, etc.) for new chains
	EpochFirstTransition      time.Time
	EpochDuration             time.Duration
	Validators                validators.Manager // Validators validating on this chain
	NodeID                    ids.ShortID        // The ID of this node
	NetworkID                 uint32             // ID of the network this node is connected to
	Server                    *server.Server     // Handles HTTP API calls
	Keystore                  keystore.Keystore
	AtomicMemory              *atomic.Memory
	AVAXAssetID               ids.ID
	XChainID                  ids.ID
	CriticalChains            ids.Set          // Chains that can't exit gracefully
	WhitelistedSubnets        ids.Set          // Subnets to validate
	TimeoutManager            *timeout.Manager // Manages request timeouts when sending messages to other validators
	HealthService             health.Service
	RetryBootstrap            bool                   // Should Bootstrap be retried
	RetryBootstrapMaxAttempts int                    // Max number of times to retry bootstrap
	ChainConfigs              map[string]ChainConfig // alias -> ChainConfig
	// If true, shut down the node after the Primary Network has bootstrapped
	// and use [FetchOnlyFrom] as beacons
	FetchOnly bool
	// [FetchOnlyFrom] ignored unless [FetchOnly] is true
	FetchOnlyFrom validators.Set
	// ShutdownNodeFunc allows the chain manager to issue a request to shutdown the node
	ShutdownNodeFunc func(exitCode int)
	MeterVMEnabled   bool // Should each VM be wrapped with a MeterVM

	// Max Time to spend fetching a container and its
	// ancestors when responding to a GetAncestors
	BootstrapMaxTimeGetAncestors time.Duration
	// Max number of containers in a multiput message sent by this node.
	BootstrapMultiputMaxContainersSent int
	// This node will only consider the first [MultiputMaxContainersReceived]
	// containers in a multiput it receives.
	BootstrapMultiputMaxContainersReceived int

ManagerConfig ...

type MockManager

type MockManager struct{}

MockManager implements Manager but does nothing. Always returns nil error. To be used only in tests

func (MockManager) AddRegistrant

func (mm MockManager) AddRegistrant(Registrant)

func (MockManager) Alias

func (mm MockManager) Alias(ids.ID, string) error

func (MockManager) Aliases

func (mm MockManager) Aliases(ids.ID) []string

func (MockManager) CreateChain

func (mm MockManager) CreateChain(ChainParameters)

func (MockManager) ForceCreateChain

func (mm MockManager) ForceCreateChain(ChainParameters)

func (MockManager) IsBootstrapped

func (mm MockManager) IsBootstrapped(ids.ID) bool

func (MockManager) Lookup

func (mm MockManager) Lookup(s string) (ids.ID, error)

func (MockManager) LookupVM

func (mm MockManager) LookupVM(s string) (ids.ID, error)

func (MockManager) Router

func (mm MockManager) Router() router.Router

func (MockManager) Shutdown

func (mm MockManager) Shutdown()

func (MockManager) SubnetID

func (mm MockManager) SubnetID(ids.ID) (ids.ID, error)

type Registrant

type Registrant interface {
	// Called when the chain described by [ctx] and [engine] is created
	// This function is called before the chain starts processing messages
	// [engine] should be an avalanche.Engine or snowman.Engine
	RegisterChain(name string, ctx *snow.Context, engine common.Engine)

Registrant can register the existence of a chain

type Subnet

type Subnet interface {
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

Subnet keeps track of the currently bootstrapping chains in a subnet. If no chains in the subnet are currently bootstrapping, the subnet is considered bootstrapped.


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