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var (

	// base error
	OK              = New(0, "Success")
	RequestErr      = New(10400, "Request Error")
	InvalidSignErr  = New(10401, "Invalid Sign")
	InvalidAppidErr = New(10402, "Invalid Appid")
	InvalidTokenErr = New(10403, "Invalid Token")
	NothingFound    = New(10404, "Nothing Found")
	ServerErr       = New(10500, "Server Error")


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type Codes

type Codes interface {
	// sometimes Error return Code in string form
	Error() string
	// Code get error code.
	Code() int
	// Message get code message.
	Message() string

Codes ecode error interface which has a code & message.

func AnalyseError

func AnalyseError(err error) Codes

analyse error info

type Error

type Error int

A Code is an int error code spec.

func Add

func Add(code int) Error

Add init you self service error code

func New

func New(code int, msg string) Error

New new error code and msg

func (Error) Code

func (e Error) Code() int

Code return error code

func (Error) Error

func (e Error) Error() string

func (Error) GRPCStatus added in v1.0.19

func (e Error) GRPCStatus() *status.Status

func (Error) Message

func (e Error) Message() string

Message return error message

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