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const TABLE = "peers"


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func PeerToDnId

func PeerToDnId(id libp2pPeer.ID) (pId string, dID uint64)

libp2p peer id to uint64. Some apps expect some identification in the form of an integer. This will make it so we are compatible.


type Store

type Store struct {
	Self      *pb.Peer
	SelfMutex sync.RWMutex

	Changed bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New(ctx context.Context, size int, expireAt time.Duration, selfId libp2pPeer.ID, path string) (*Store, error)

func (*Store) FindAll

func (s *Store) FindAll() (result []*pb.Peer, err error)

func (*Store) FindByDecentralizedId

func (s *Store) FindByDecentralizedId(decentralizedId uint64) (*pb.Peer, error)

func (*Store) FindByDetails

func (s *Store) FindByDetails(key, value string) (result []*pb.Peer, err error)

func (*Store) FindByPeerId

func (s *Store) FindByPeerId(peerId string) (*pb.Peer, error)

func (*Store) Insert

func (s *Store) Insert(info *pb.Peer) error

* Inserts a record. Takes a pointer peer. This pointer value is directly saved, meaning changes to this object will also change the value in the db.

func (*Store) Remove

func (s *Store) Remove(peerId string) error

func (*Store) Save

func (s *Store) Save()

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