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type Configuration

type Configuration struct {
	Server    ServerConfiguration    `json:"server"`
	Database  DatabaseConfiguration  `json:"database"`
	Directory DirectoryConfiguration `json:"directory"`
	Logging   LoggingConfiguration   `json:"loggin"`

Configuration type encapsulates the configurations for the serer, database, logging, directory paths, etc.

type DatabaseConfiguration

type DatabaseConfiguration struct {
	Username string `json:"username"`
	Password string `json:"password"`
	Database string `json:"database"`
	DBType   string `json:"dbtype"`

DatabaseConfiguration is a struct for database username, password, and database set by environment variables and imported via viper

type DirectoryConfiguration

type DirectoryConfiguration struct {
	StaticFilesPath string

DirectoryConfiguration contains the path to the directory housing static files used by the application

type LoggingConfiguration

type LoggingConfiguration struct {
	OutputFile string
	LocalFile  string

LoggingConfiguration is the struct for the logging output file and path

type ServerConfiguration

type ServerConfiguration struct {
	Port string `json:"port"`

ServerConfiguration struct

func (*ServerConfiguration) GetPort

func (s *ServerConfiguration) GetPort() string

GetPort returns the port from ServerConfiguration

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