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type ExecutionRecord

type ExecutionRecord struct {
	Id         int             `xml:"HOOK_ID"`
	ExecId     int             `xml:"EXECUTION_ID"`
	Timestamp  int             `xml:"TIMESTAMP"`
	Arguments  string          `xml:"ARGUMENTS"`
	HookLog    ExecutionResult `xml:"EXECUTION_RESULT"`
	RemoteHost string          `xml:"REMOTE_HOST"`
	Retry      string          `xml:"RETRY"`

type ExecutionResult

type ExecutionResult struct {
	Command string `xml:"COMMAND"`
	Stdout  string `xml:"STDOUT"`
	Stderr  string `xml:"STDERR"`
	Code    string `xml:"CODE"`

type Hook

type Hook struct {
	XMLName  xml.Name `xml:"HOOK"`
	ID       int      `xml:"ID"`
	Name     string   `xml:"NAME"`
	Type     string   `xml:"TYPE"`
	Template Template `xml:"TEMPLATE"`
	Log      HookLog  `xml:"HOOKLOG"`

Hook represents an OpenNebula Hook

type HookLog

type HookLog struct {
	ExecutionRecords []ExecutionRecord `xml:"HOOK_EXECUTION_RECORD"`

type Pool

type Pool struct {
	XMLName xml.Name `xml:"HOOK_POOL"`
	Hooks   []Hook   `xml:"HOOK"`

Pool represents an OpenNebula Hook pool

type Template

type Template struct {

Template is a hook template

func NewTemplate

func NewTemplate() *Template

NewTemplate returns a hook Template structure

func (*Template) Add

func (n *Template) Add(key keys.Template, value string)

Add adds an hook template key, value pair

func (*Template) Get

func (n *Template) Get(key keys.Template) (string, error)

Get returns the string value for an hook template keys

func (*Template) GetI

func (n *Template) GetI(key keys.Template) (int, error)

GetI returns the integer value for a hook template key


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