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Like Marathon or Upstart, for your desktop!

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Getting started

Download a binary release, or run it with Docker:

docker run -v `pwd`/workspace.json:/workspace.json -v `pwd`/websysd.json:/websysd.json iankent/websysd -workspace=/workspace.json

If you didn't name your config files websysd.json and workspace.json:

websysd -global websysd.local.json -workspace myworkspace.json

And if you want to load multiple workspaces:

websysd -workspace myworkspace.json -workspace someproject.json

Too many console windows.

Useful info
  • Active tasks will be killed if websysd dies or is stopped
  • Use the /bin/sh -c executor on Linux
  • Use custom columns and functions to add UI metadata, e.g. display git branch name

Default websysd behaviour is to ignore all preset environment variables.

This means you will need to set any variables you want explicitly (including $PATH, which you might want to set to /bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin).

You can change this behaviour by setting InheritEnvironment in either the global configuration or a workspace configuration file:

	"InheritEnvironment": true

If InheritEnvironment is true in the global workspace, the setting is ignored by individual workspaces and the full environment will be inherited anyway.


Output from tasks is stored in-memory by default.

You can set Stdout and Stderr to a filename per-task to override this behaviour.

Filenames can include environment variables, and $TASK and $RUN are set by websysd.

	"Stdout": "/tmp/$TASK-$RUN.out"

Screenshot of websysd task list Screenshot of websysd task view Screenshot of websysd log view


Copyright ©‎ 2014 - 2016, Ian Kent (http://iankent.uk).

Released under MIT license, see LICENSE for details.


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