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This is a WIP simple cli calculator. However, I intend on adding proper programming language features like functions and such.

This project is nothing serious, it's just an exercise in writing a very rudimentary interpreter with basic programming language functions.


It's so that I can tiptoe into writing interpreted programming languages, I would need a lot of the components required in this project to write a proper interpreted language. So this is practice, really.

Why Golang?

Because I like learning things, and I wanted to learn golang, so I thought this would be a good excuse to...

Don't try to use this, use these instead:

Also if you're looking for a cli calculator / math shell or whatever,

  • python

is actually a Godsend. Most desktop unix-like systems will probably have python installed already seeing python is a dependency of a lot of popular software. Thus, just use python. It's actually a really, really good cli calculator / math shell, and you also don't have to install an external program.


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