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gordf - an ultra minimal RDF library for Go


This is a minimalistic approach to a core RDF library. It is intended to contain only the basic types required for interoperability between RDF packages and some useful pre-defined, well-known IRIs and other constants. No attempt is made to use Go's type systemt to enforce constraints on terms or their composition into triples or graphs. Validation of these constraints is the responsibility of the importing package.



This is free and unencumbered software released into the public domain. For more information, see http://unlicense.org/ or the accompanying UNLICENSE file.




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const (
	UnknownTerm = iota

Constants for kinds of RDF Term


This section is empty.


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type Term

type Term struct {
	Value    string // the lexical value of the IRI, literal or blank node label
	Language string // the language tag of a literal
	Datatype string // the data type IRI of a literal
	Kind     int    // the kind of term

A Term represents an element of a triple or quad, one of IRI, Blank Node or Literal

func Blank

func Blank(label string) Term

Blank constructs a blank term

func IRI

func IRI(iri string) Term

IRI constructs an IRI term

func Literal

func Literal(value string) Term

Literal constructs a literal term without a language or datatype IRI.

func LiteralWithDatatype

func LiteralWithDatatype(value, dt string) Term

LiteralWithDatatype constructs a literal term with a datatype IRI.

func LiteralWithLanguage

func LiteralWithLanguage(value, lang string) Term

LiteralWithLanguage constructs a literal term with a language.

func (*Term) String

func (t *Term) String() string

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