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func ClearLog

func ClearLog()

func GetPolicyDocument

func GetPolicyDocument() []byte

func Run

func Run()

func RunWithArgs

func RunWithArgs(setIni bool, profile string, failsOnly bool, outputFile string, refreshRate int, sortAlphabetical bool, host, mode, bindAddr, caBundle, caKey, accountID string, background, forceWildcardResource bool)


type ActionCandidate

type ActionCandidate struct {
	Path      string
	Action    string
	URIParams map[string]string
	Params    map[string][]string
	Operation ServiceOperation
	Service   string

type Entry

type Entry struct {
	Region              string `json:"Region"`
	Type                string `json:"Type"`
	Service             string `json:"Service"`
	Method              string `json:"Api"`
	Parameters          map[string][]string
	URIParameters       map[string]string
	FinalHTTPStatusCode int    `json:"FinalHttpStatusCode"`
	AccessKey           string `json:"AccessKey"`

Entry is a single CSM entry

type IAMPolicy

type IAMPolicy struct {
	Version   string      `json:"Version"`
	Statement []Statement `json:"Statement"`

IAMPolicy is a full IAM policy

type ServiceDefinition

type ServiceDefinition struct {
	Version    string                      `json:"version"`
	Metadata   ServiceDefinitionMetadata   `json:"metadata"`
	Operations map[string]ServiceOperation `json:"operations"`
	Shapes     map[string]ServiceStructure `json:"shapes"`

type ServiceDefinitionMetadata

type ServiceDefinitionMetadata struct {
	APIVersion          string `json:"apiVersion"`
	EndpointPrefix      string `json:"endpointPrefix"`
	JSONVersion         string `json:"jsonVersion"`
	Protocol            string `json:"protocol"`
	ServiceFullName     string `json:"serviceFullName"`
	ServiceAbbreviation string `json:"serviceAbbreviation"`
	ServiceID           string `json:"serviceId"`
	SignatureVersion    string `json:"signatureVersion"`
	TargetPrefix        string `json:"targetPrefix"`
	UID                 string `json:"uid"`

type ServiceHttp

type ServiceHttp struct {
	Method       string `json:"method"`
	RequestURI   string `json:"requestUri"`
	ResponseCode int    `json:"responseCode"`

type ServiceOperation

type ServiceOperation struct {
	Http   ServiceHttp      `json:"http"`
	Input  ServiceStructure `json:"input"`
	Output ServiceStructure `json:"output"`

type ServiceStructure

type ServiceStructure struct {
	Required     []string                    `json:"required"`
	Shape        string                      `json:"shape"`
	Type         string                      `json:"type"`
	Member       *ServiceStructure           `json:"member"`
	Members      map[string]ServiceStructure `json:"members"`
	LocationName string                      `json:"locationName"`
	QueryName    string                      `json:"queryName"`

type Statement

type Statement struct {
	Effect   string      `json:"Effect"`
	Action   []string    `json:"Action"`
	Resource interface{} `json:"Resource"`

Statement is a single statement within an IAM policy

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