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var (

	// DEBUG ...
	DEBUG = logger[logging.DEBUG]
	// INFO ...
	INFO = logger[logging.INFO]
	// WARNING ...
	WARNING = logger[logging.WARNING]
	// ERROR ...
	ERROR = logger[logging.ERROR]
	// FATAL ...
	FATAL = logger[logging.FATAL]


func Set

func Set(l logging.LoggerInterface)

Set sets a custom logger for all log levels

func SetDebug added in v1.7.5

func SetDebug(l logging.LoggerInterface)

SetDebug sets a custom logger for DEBUG level logs

func SetError added in v1.7.5

func SetError(l logging.LoggerInterface)

SetError sets a custom logger for ERROR level logs

func SetFatal added in v1.7.5

func SetFatal(l logging.LoggerInterface)

SetFatal sets a custom logger for FATAL level logs

func SetInfo added in v1.7.5

func SetInfo(l logging.LoggerInterface)

SetInfo sets a custom logger for INFO level logs

func SetWarning added in v1.7.5

func SetWarning(l logging.LoggerInterface)

SetWarning sets a custom logger for WARNING level logs


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