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var (
	// ErrURLParseFailed defines url parse failed error.
	ErrURLParseFailed = errors.New("url parse failed")


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type Data

type Data struct {
	// URL is used to record the address of this download
	URL   string   `json:"url"`
	Site  string   `json:"site"`
	Title string   `json:"title"`
	Type  DataType `json:"type"`
	// each stream has it's own Parts and Quality
	Streams map[string]*Stream `json:"streams"`
	// danmaku, subtitles, etc
	Caption *Part `json:"caption"`
	// Err is used to record whether an error occurred when extracting the list data
	Err error `json:"err"`

Data is the main data structure for the whole video data.

func EmptyData

func EmptyData(url string, err error) *Data

EmptyData returns an "empty" Data object with the given URL and error.

func (*Data) FillUpStreamsData

func (d *Data) FillUpStreamsData()

FillUpStreamsData fills up some data automatically.

type DataType

type DataType string

DataType indicates the type of extracted data, eg: video or image.

const (
	// DataTypeVideo indicates the type of extracted data is the video.
	DataTypeVideo DataType = "video"
	// DataTypeImage indicates the type of extracted data is the image.
	DataTypeImage DataType = "image"

type Extractor

type Extractor interface {
	// Extract is the main function to extract the data.
	Extract(url string, option Options) ([]*Data, error)

Extractor implements video data extraction related operations.

type Options

type Options struct {
	// Playlist indicates if we need to extract the whole playlist rather than the single video.
	Playlist bool
	// Items defines wanted items from a playlist. Separated by commas like: 1,5,6,8-10.
	Items string
	// ItemStart defines the starting item of a playlist.
	ItemStart int
	// ItemEnd defines the ending item of a playlist.
	ItemEnd int

	// ThreadNumber defines how many threads will use in the extraction, only works when Playlist is true.
	ThreadNumber int
	Cookie       string

	// EpisodeTitleOnly indicates file name of each bilibili episode doesn't include the playlist title
	EpisodeTitleOnly bool

	YoukuCcode    string
	YoukuCkey     string
	YoukuPassword string

Options defines optional options that can be used in the extraction function.

type Part

type Part struct {
	URL  string `json:"url"`
	Size int64  `json:"size"`
	Ext  string `json:"ext"`

Part is the data structure for a single part of the video stream information.

type Stream

type Stream struct {
	// eg: "1080"
	ID string `json:"id"`
	// eg: "1080P xxx"
	Quality string `json:"quality"`
	// [Part: {URL, Size, Ext}, ...]
	// Some video stream have multiple parts,
	// and can also be used to download multiple image files at once
	Parts []*Part `json:"parts"`
	// total size of all urls
	Size int64 `json:"size"`
	// the file extension after video parts merged
	Ext string `json:"ext"`
	// if the parts need mux
	NeedMux bool

Stream is the data structure for each video stream, eg: 720P, 1080P.

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