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const APIURL = "https://api.ibanapi.com/v1/"


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type BalanceResponse

type BalanceResponse struct {
	Result  int          `json:"result"`
	Message string       `json:"message"`
	Data    *balanceData `json:"data,omitempty"`

func GetBalance

func GetBalance(apiKey string) (*BalanceResponse, error)

type Bank

type Bank struct {
	BankName string `json:"bank_name"`
	Phone    string `json:"phone"`
	Address  string `json:"address"`
	BIC      string `json:"bic"`
	City     string `json:"city"`
	State    string `json:"state"`
	Zip      string `json:"zip"`

type Data

type Data struct {
	CountryCode  string `json:"country_code"`
	IsoAlpha3    string `json:"iso_alpha3"`
	CountryName  string `json:"country_name"`
	CurrencyCode string `json:"currency_code"`
	SepaMember   string `json:"sepa_member"`
	Sepa         *Sepa  `json:"sepa,omitempty"`
	BBAN         string `json:"bban"`
	BankAccount  string `json:"bank_account"`
	Bank         *Bank  `json:"bank"`

type IBANResponse

type IBANResponse struct {
	Result      int           `json:"result"`
	Message     string        `json:"message"`
	Validations []*Validation `json:"validations,omitempty"`
	Expremntal  int           `json:"expremental,omitempty"`
	Data        *Data         `json:"data,omitempty"`

func ValidateIBAN

func ValidateIBAN(apiKey, iban string) (*IBANResponse, error)

func ValidateIBANBasic

func ValidateIBANBasic(apiKey, iban string) (*IBANResponse, error)

type Sepa

type Sepa struct {
	CreditTransfer string `json:"sepa_credit_transfer"`
	DirectDebit    string `json:"sepa_direct_debit"`
	SDDCore        string `json:"sepa_sdd_core"`
	B2B            string `json:"sepa_b2b"`
	CardClearing   string `json:"sepa_card_clearing"`

type Validation

type Validation struct {
	Result  int    `json:"result"`
	Message string `json:"message"`

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