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This is an npm module that can track and report details of a demo/tutorial that has been deployed to Cloud Foundry.

Build Status

Build Status

To Use

  1. Open a terminal and run

    go get
  2. Require the package in your main entry point to your app (probably app.go).

    import ""
  3. Call the tracking code in your main entry point to your app (probably app.go).


Example app

To see how to include this into your app please visit Bluemix Hello World. You will want to pay attention to package.json, and go-hello-world.go.

Privacy Notice

Sample web applications that include this package may be configured to track deployments to IBM Bluemix and other Cloud Foundry platforms. The following information is sent to a Deployment Tracker service on each deployment:

  • Package version
  • Repository URL
  • Application Name (application_name)
  • Space ID (space_id)
  • Application Version (application_version)
  • Application URIs (application_uris)

This data is collected from the package.json file in the sample application and the VCAP_APPLICATION environment variable in IBM Bluemix and other Cloud Foundry platforms. This data is used by IBM to track metrics around deployments of sample applications to IBM Bluemix to measure the usefulness of our examples, so that we can continuously improve the content we offer to you. Only deployments of sample applications that include code to ping the Deployment Tracker service will be tracked.

Disabling Deployment Tracking

Please see the README for the sample application that includes this package for instructions on disabling deployment tracking, as the instructions may vary based on the sample application in which this package is included.




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func Track

func Track() (errs []error)


type Event

type Event struct {
	DateSent           string   `json:"date_sent"`
	CodeVersion        string   `json:"code_version"`
	RepositoryURL      string   `json:"repository_url"`
	ApplicationName    string   `json:"application_name"`
	SpaceID            string   `json:"space_id"`
	ApplicationVersion string   `json:"application_version"`
	ApplicatonURIs     []string `json:"application_uris"`

type Package

type Package struct {
	Name       string
	Version    string
	Repository Repository

type Repository

type Repository struct {
	Url string

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