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const (
	// Install is executed after the plugin is added.
	Install = "install"
	// Delete is executed after the plugin is removed.
	Delete = "delete"
	// Update is executed after the plugin is updated.
	Update = "update"

Types of hooks


This section is empty.


func SetupPluginEnv

func SetupPluginEnv(settings helm_env.EnvSettings,
	shortName, base string)

SetupPluginEnv prepares os.Env for plugins. It operates on os.Env because the plugin subsystem itself needs access to the environment variables created here.


type Downloaders

type Downloaders struct {
	// Protocols are the list of schemes from the charts URL.
	Protocols []string `json:"protocols"`
	// Command is the executable path with which the plugin performs
	// the actual download for the corresponding Protocols
	Command string `json:"command"`

Downloaders represents the plugins capability if it can retrieve charts from special sources

type Hooks

type Hooks map[string]string

Hooks is a map of events to commands.

func (Hooks) Get

func (hooks Hooks) Get(event string) string

Get returns a hook for an event.

type Metadata

type Metadata struct {
	// Name is the name of the plugin
	Name string `json:"name"`

	// Version is a SemVer 2 version of the plugin.
	Version string `json:"version"`

	// Usage is the single-line usage text shown in help
	Usage string `json:"usage"`

	// Description is a long description shown in places like `helm help`
	Description string `json:"description"`

	// Command is the command, as a single string.
	// The command will be passed through environment expansion, so env vars can
	// be present in this command. Unless IgnoreFlags is set, this will
	// also merge the flags passed from Helm.
	// Note that command is not executed in a shell. To do so, we suggest
	// pointing the command to a shell script.
	Command string `json:"command"`

	// IgnoreFlags ignores any flags passed in from Helm
	// For example, if the plugin is invoked as `helm --debug myplugin`, if this
	// is false, `--debug` will be appended to `--command`. If this is true,
	// the `--debug` flag will be discarded.
	IgnoreFlags bool `json:"ignoreFlags"`

	// UseTunnel indicates that this command needs a tunnel.
	// Setting this will cause a number of side effects, such as the
	// automatic setting of HELM_HOST.
	UseTunnel bool `json:"useTunnel"`

	// Hooks are commands that will run on events.
	Hooks Hooks

	// Downloaders field is used if the plugin supply downloader mechanism
	// for special protocols.
	Downloaders []Downloaders `json:"downloaders"`

Metadata describes a plugin.

This is the plugin equivalent of a chart.Metadata.

type Plugin

type Plugin struct {
	// Metadata is a parsed representation of a plugin.yaml
	Metadata *Metadata
	// Dir is the string path to the directory that holds the plugin.
	Dir string

Plugin represents a plugin.

func FindPlugins

func FindPlugins(plugdirs string) ([]*Plugin, error)

FindPlugins returns a list of YAML files that describe plugins.

func LoadAll

func LoadAll(basedir string) ([]*Plugin, error)

LoadAll loads all plugins found beneath the base directory.

This scans only one directory level.

func LoadDir

func LoadDir(dirname string) (*Plugin, error)

LoadDir loads a plugin from the given directory.

func (*Plugin) PrepareCommand

func (p *Plugin) PrepareCommand(extraArgs []string) (string, []string)

PrepareCommand takes a Plugin.Command and prepares it for execution.

It merges extraArgs into any arguments supplied in the plugin. It returns the name of the command and an args array.

The result is suitable to pass to exec.Command.

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Package cache provides a key generator for vcs urls.
Package cache provides a key generator for vcs urls.
Package installer provides an interface for installing Helm plugins.
Package installer provides an interface for installing Helm plugins.

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