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type ClientConnectionConfiguration

type ClientConnectionConfiguration struct {
	// kubeconfig is the path to a KubeConfig file.
	Kubeconfig string
	// acceptContentTypes defines the Accept header sent by clients when connecting to a server, overriding the
	// default value of 'application/json'. This field will control all connections to the server used by a particular
	// client.
	AcceptContentTypes string
	// contentType is the content type used when sending data to the server from this client.
	ContentType string
	// qps controls the number of queries per second allowed for this connection.
	QPS float32
	// burst allows extra queries to accumulate when a client is exceeding its rate.
	Burst int32

ClientConnectionConfiguration contains details for constructing a client.

func (*ClientConnectionConfiguration) DeepCopy

DeepCopy is an autogenerated deepcopy function, copying the receiver, creating a new ClientConnectionConfiguration.

func (*ClientConnectionConfiguration) DeepCopyInto

DeepCopyInto is an autogenerated deepcopy function, copying the receiver, writing into out. in must be non-nil.


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