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type Group

type Group string

func (Group) NonEmpty

func (g Group) NonEmpty() string

func (Group) String

func (g Group) String() string

type GroupInstallPackage

type GroupInstallPackage struct {
	Group               Group
	InstallPackageAlias string

func ToGroupInstallPackages

func ToGroupInstallPackages(groups []GroupVersions, groupGoNames map[GroupVersion]string) []GroupInstallPackage

type GroupVersion

type GroupVersion struct {
	Group   Group
	Version Version

func ToGroupVersion

func ToGroupVersion(gv string) (GroupVersion, error)

ToGroupVersion turns "group/version" string into a GroupVersion struct. It reports error if it cannot parse the string.

type GroupVersionInfo

type GroupVersionInfo struct {
	Group   Group
	Version Version
	// If a user calls a group client without specifying the version (e.g.,
	// c.Core(), instead of c.CoreV1()), the default version will be returned.
	IsDefaultVersion     bool
	PackageAlias         string
	GroupGoName          string
	LowerCaseGroupGoName string

GroupVersionInfo contains all the info around a group version.

func ToGroupVersionInfo

func ToGroupVersionInfo(groups []GroupVersions, groupGoNames map[GroupVersion]string) []GroupVersionInfo

ToGroupVersionInfo is a helper function used by generators for groups.

type GroupVersions

type GroupVersions struct {
	// The name of the package for this group, e.g. apps.
	PackageName string
	Group       Group
	Versions    []PackageVersion

type PackageVersion

type PackageVersion struct {
	// The fully qualified package, e.g. k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/apis/apps, where the types.go is found.
	Package string

type Version

type Version string

func (Version) NonEmpty

func (v Version) NonEmpty() string

func (Version) String

func (v Version) String() string

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