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func DnsSearchListVar

func DnsSearchListVar(values *[]string, names []string, usage string)

func HostListVar

func HostListVar(values *[]string, names []string, usage string)

func IPListVar

func IPListVar(values *[]string, names []string, usage string)

func IPVar

func IPVar(value *net.IP, names []string, defaultValue, usage string)

func ListVar

func ListVar(values *[]string, names []string, usage string)

func ParseEnvFile

func ParseEnvFile(filename string) ([]string, error)

Read in a line delimited file with environment variables enumerated

func ValidateAttach

func ValidateAttach(val string) (string, error)

func ValidateDnsSearch

func ValidateDnsSearch(val string) (string, error)

Validates domain for resolvconf search configuration. A zero length domain is represented by .

func ValidateEnv

func ValidateEnv(val string) (string, error)

func ValidateIPAddress

func ValidateIPAddress(val string) (string, error)
func ValidateLink(val string) (string, error)

func ValidatePath

func ValidatePath(val string) (string, error)


type ErrBadEnvVariable

type ErrBadEnvVariable struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (ErrBadEnvVariable) Error

func (e ErrBadEnvVariable) Error() string

type IpOpt

type IpOpt struct {

func NewIpOpt

func NewIpOpt(ref *net.IP, defaultVal string) *IpOpt

func (*IpOpt) Set

func (o *IpOpt) Set(val string) error

func (*IpOpt) String

func (o *IpOpt) String() string

type ListOpts

type ListOpts struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ListOpts type

func NewListOpts

func NewListOpts(validator ValidatorFctType) ListOpts

func (*ListOpts) Delete

func (opts *ListOpts) Delete(key string)

Delete remove the given element from the slice.

func (*ListOpts) Get

func (opts *ListOpts) Get(key string) bool

Get checks the existence of the given key.

func (*ListOpts) GetAll

func (opts *ListOpts) GetAll() []string

GetAll returns the values' slice. FIXME: Can we remove this?

func (*ListOpts) GetMap

func (opts *ListOpts) GetMap() map[string]struct{}

GetMap returns the content of values in a map in order to avoid duplicates. FIXME: can we remove this?

func (*ListOpts) Len

func (opts *ListOpts) Len() int

Len returns the amount of element in the slice.

func (*ListOpts) Set

func (opts *ListOpts) Set(value string) error

Set validates if needed the input value and add it to the internal slice.

func (*ListOpts) String

func (opts *ListOpts) String() string

type ValidatorFctType

type ValidatorFctType func(val string) (string, error)


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