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var ErrScheduleTimeout = fmt.Errorf("schedule error: timed out")

ErrScheduleTimeout returned by Pool to indicate that there no free goroutines during some period of time.


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type Pool

type Pool struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Pool contains logic of goroutine reuse.

func NewPool

func NewPool(size, queue, spawn int) *Pool

NewPool creates new goroutine pool with given size. It also creates a work queue of given size. Finally, it spawns given amount of goroutines immediately.

func (*Pool) Schedule

func (p *Pool) Schedule(task func())

Schedule schedules task to be executed over pool's workers.

func (*Pool) ScheduleTimeout

func (p *Pool) ScheduleTimeout(timeout time.Duration, task func()) error

ScheduleTimeout schedules task to be executed over pool's workers. It returns ErrScheduleTimeout when no free workers met during given timeout.

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