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const (
	P2pCacheTxSize = 10240

P2pCacheTxSize p2pcache size of transaction

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const (
	Service int32 = nodeBloom + nodeNetwork + nodeGetUTXO


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var (
	UpdateState        = 2 * time.Second
	PingTimeout        = 14 * time.Second
	DefaultSendTimeout = 10 * time.Second
	DialTimeout        = 5 * time.Second

	StreamPingTimeout           = 20 * time.Second
	MonitorPeerInfoInterval     = 10 * time.Second
	MonitorPeerNumInterval      = 30 * time.Second
	MonitorReBalanceInterval    = 2 * time.Minute
	GetAddrFromAddrBookInterval = 5 * time.Second
	GetAddrFromOnlineInterval   = 5 * time.Second
	GetAddrFromGitHubInterval   = 5 * time.Minute
	CheckActivePeersInterVal    = 5 * time.Second
	CheckBlackListInterVal      = 30 * time.Second

time limit for timeout

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var Filter = NewFilter()

Filter a Filter object

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var InnerSeeds = []string{

built-in list of seed

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var (
	LocalAddr string
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var TestNetSeeds = []string{

TestNetSeeds test seeds of net

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var VERSION int32 = 119


func NewDownloadJob

func NewDownloadJob(p2pcli *Cli, peers []*Peer) *downloadJob

NewDownloadJob create a downloadjob object


type AddrBook

type AddrBook struct {
	Quit chan struct{}
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

AddrBook peer address manager

func NewAddrBook

func NewAddrBook(cfg *types.P2P) *AddrBook

NewAddrBook create a addrbook

func (*AddrBook) AddAddress

func (a *AddrBook) AddAddress(addr *NetAddress, ka *knownAddress)

NOTE: addr must not be nil AddAddress add a address for ours

func (*AddrBook) AddOurAddress

func (a *AddrBook) AddOurAddress(addr *NetAddress)

AddOurAddress add a address for ours

func (*AddrBook) Close

func (a *AddrBook) Close()

Close addrbook close

func (*AddrBook) GetAddrs

func (a *AddrBook) GetAddrs() []string

GetAddrs return addrlist

func (*AddrBook) GetPeerStat

func (a *AddrBook) GetPeerStat(addr string) *knownAddress

GetPeerStat get peer stat

func (*AddrBook) GetPeers

func (a *AddrBook) GetPeers() []*NetAddress

GetPeers return peerlist

func (*AddrBook) GetPrivPubKey

func (a *AddrBook) GetPrivPubKey() (string, string)

GetPrivPubkey return privkey and pubkey

func (*AddrBook) ISOurAddress

func (a *AddrBook) ISOurAddress(addr *NetAddress) bool

ISOurAddress determine if the address is ours

func (*AddrBook) IsOurStringAddress

func (a *AddrBook) IsOurStringAddress(addr string) bool

IsOurStringAddress determine if the address is ours

func (*AddrBook) RemoveAddr

func (a *AddrBook) RemoveAddr(peeraddr string)

RemoveAddr remove address

func (*AddrBook) Save

func (a *AddrBook) Save()

Save saves the book.

func (*AddrBook) Size

func (a *AddrBook) Size() int

Size return addrpeer size

func (*AddrBook) Start

func (a *AddrBook) Start() error

Start addrbook start

type BlackList

type BlackList struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

BlackList badpeers list

func (*BlackList) Add

func (bl *BlackList) Add(addr string, deadline int64)

Add add badpeer

func (*BlackList) Delete

func (bl *BlackList) Delete(addr string)

Delete delete badpeer

func (*BlackList) GetBadPeers

func (bl *BlackList) GetBadPeers() map[string]int64

GetBadPeers reurn black list peers

func (*BlackList) Has

func (bl *BlackList) Has(addr string) bool

Has the badpeer true and false

type Cli

type Cli struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Cli p2p client

func (*Cli) BlockBroadcast

func (m *Cli) BlockBroadcast(msg queue.Message, taskindex int64)

BlockBroadcast block broadcast

func (*Cli) BroadCastTx

func (m *Cli) BroadCastTx(msg queue.Message, taskindex int64)

BroadCastTx broadcast transactions

func (*Cli) CheckPeerNatOk

func (m *Cli) CheckPeerNatOk(addr string) bool

CheckPeerNatOk check peer is ok or not

func (*Cli) CheckSelf

func (m *Cli) CheckSelf(addr string, nodeinfo *NodeInfo) bool

CheckSelf check addrbook privPubKey

func (*Cli) GetAddr

func (m *Cli) GetAddr(peer *Peer) ([]string, error)

GetAddr get address list

func (*Cli) GetAddrList

func (m *Cli) GetAddrList(peer *Peer) (map[string]int64, error)

GetAddrList return a map for address-prot

func (*Cli) GetBlockHeight

func (m *Cli) GetBlockHeight(nodeinfo *NodeInfo) (int64, error)

GetBlockHeight return block height

func (*Cli) GetBlocks

func (m *Cli) GetBlocks(msg queue.Message, taskindex int64)

GetBlocks get blocks information

func (*Cli) GetHeaders

func (m *Cli) GetHeaders(msg queue.Message, taskindex int64)

GetHeadrs get headers information

func (*Cli) GetInPeersNum

func (m *Cli) GetInPeersNum(peer *Peer) (int, error)

GetInPeersNum return normal number of peers

func (*Cli) GetMemPool

func (m *Cli) GetMemPool(msg queue.Message, taskindex int64)

GetMemPool get mempool contents

func (*Cli) GetNetInfo

func (m *Cli) GetNetInfo(msg queue.Message, taskindex int64)

GetNetInfo get network information

func (*Cli) GetPeerInfo

func (m *Cli) GetPeerInfo(msg queue.Message, taskindex int64)

GetPeerInfo return peer information

func (*Cli) SendPing

func (m *Cli) SendPing(peer *Peer, nodeinfo *NodeInfo) error

SendPing send ping

func (*Cli) SendVersion

func (m *Cli) SendVersion(peer *Peer, nodeinfo *NodeInfo) (string, error)

SendVersion send version

type Comm

type Comm struct{}

Comm information

var P2pComm Comm

P2pComm p2p communication

func (Comm) AddrRouteble

func (Comm) AddrRouteble(addrs []string) []string

AddrRouteble address router ,return enbale address

func (Comm) BytesToInt32

func (c Comm) BytesToInt32(b []byte) int32

BytesToInt32 bytes to int32 type

func (Comm) CheckSign

func (c Comm) CheckSign(in *types.P2PPing) bool

CheckSign check signature data

func (Comm) CollectPeerStat

func (c Comm) CollectPeerStat(err error, peer *Peer)

CollectPeerStat collect peer stat and report

func (Comm) GenPrivPubkey

func (c Comm) GenPrivPubkey() ([]byte, []byte, error)

GenPrivPubkey return key and pubkey in bytes

func (Comm) GetLocalAddr

func (c Comm) GetLocalAddr() string

GetLocalAddr get local address ,return address

func (Comm) GrpcConfig

func (c Comm) GrpcConfig() grpc.ServiceConfig

GrpcConfig grpc config

func (Comm) Int32ToBytes

func (c Comm) Int32ToBytes(n int32) []byte

Int32ToBytes int32 to bytes type

func (Comm) NewPingData

func (c Comm) NewPingData(nodeInfo *NodeInfo) (*types.P2PPing, error)

NewPingData get ping node ,return p2pping

func (Comm) Pubkey

func (c Comm) Pubkey(key string) (string, error)

Pubkey get pubkey by key

func (Comm) RandStr

func (c Comm) RandStr(n int) string

RandStr return a rand string

func (Comm) Signature

func (c Comm) Signature(key string, in *types.P2PPing) (*types.P2PPing, error)

Signature nodedata by key

type EventInterface

type EventInterface interface {
	BroadCastTx(msg queue.Message, taskindex int64)
	GetMemPool(msg queue.Message, taskindex int64)
	GetPeerInfo(msg queue.Message, taskindex int64)
	GetHeaders(msg queue.Message, taskindex int64)
	GetBlocks(msg queue.Message, taskindex int64)
	BlockBroadcast(msg queue.Message, taskindex int64)
	GetNetInfo(msg queue.Message, taskindex int64)

EventInterface p2p subscribe to the event hander interface

func NewP2PCli

func NewP2PCli(network *P2p) EventInterface

NewP2PCli produce a p2p client

type Filterdata

type Filterdata struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Filterdata filter data attribute

func NewFilter

func NewFilter() *Filterdata

NewFilter produce a filter object

func (*Filterdata) Close

func (f *Filterdata) Close()

Close the filter object

func (*Filterdata) GetLock

func (f *Filterdata) GetLock()

GetLock get lock

func (*Filterdata) ManageRecvFilter

func (f *Filterdata) ManageRecvFilter()

ManageRecvFilter manager receive filter

func (*Filterdata) QueryRecvData

func (f *Filterdata) QueryRecvData(key string) bool

QueryRecvData query receive data by key

func (*Filterdata) RegRecvData

func (f *Filterdata) RegRecvData(key string) bool

RegRecvData add receive data by key

func (*Filterdata) ReleaseLock

func (f *Filterdata) ReleaseLock()

ReleaseLock release lock

func (*Filterdata) RemoveRecvData

func (f *Filterdata) RemoveRecvData(key string)

RemoveRecvData remove receive data by key

type Listener

type Listener interface {

Listener the actions

func NewListener

func NewListener(protocol string, node *Node) Listener

NewListener produce a listener object

type MConnConfig

type MConnConfig struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MConnConfig is a MConnection configuration.

func DefaultMConnConfig

func DefaultMConnConfig() *MConnConfig

DefaultMConnConfig returns the default config.

func NewTemMConnConfig

func NewTemMConnConfig(gconn *grpc.ClientConn, gcli pb.P2PgserviceClient) *MConnConfig

NewTemMConnConfig return the config by grpc.clientconn, gcli

type MConnection

type MConnection struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MConnection contains node, grpc client, p2pgserviceClient, netaddress, peer

func NewMConnection

func NewMConnection(conn *grpc.ClientConn, remote *NetAddress, peer *Peer) *MConnection

NewMConnection wraps net.Conn and creates multiplex connection

func NewMConnectionWithConfig

func NewMConnectionWithConfig(cfg *MConnConfig) *MConnection

NewMConnectionWithConfig return mconn by mconnconfig

func (*MConnection) Close

func (c *MConnection) Close()

Close mconnection

type NetAddress

type NetAddress struct {
	IP   net.IP
	Port uint16
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

NetAddress defines information about a peer on the network including its IP address, and port.

func NewNetAddress

func NewNetAddress(addr net.Addr) *NetAddress

NewNetAddress returns a new NetAddress using the provided TCP address.

func NewNetAddressIPPort

func NewNetAddressIPPort(ip net.IP, port uint16) *NetAddress

NewNetAddressIPPort returns a new NetAddress using the provided IP and port number.

func NewNetAddressString

func NewNetAddressString(addr string) (*NetAddress, error)

NewNetAddressString returns a new NetAddress using the provided address in the form of "IP:Port". Also resolves the host if host is not an IP.

func NewNetAddressStrings

func NewNetAddressStrings(addrs []string) ([]*NetAddress, error)

NewNetAddressStrings returns an array of NetAddress'es build using the provided strings.

func (*NetAddress) Copy

func (na *NetAddress) Copy() *NetAddress

Copy na address

func (*NetAddress) DialTimeout

func (na *NetAddress) DialTimeout(version int32) (*grpc.ClientConn, error)

DialTimeout dial timeout

func (*NetAddress) Equals

func (na *NetAddress) Equals(other interface{}) bool

Equals reports whether na and other are the same addresses.

func (*NetAddress) Less

func (na *NetAddress) Less(other interface{}) bool

Less reports whether na and other are the less addresses

func (*NetAddress) Local

func (na *NetAddress) Local() bool

Local returns true if it is a local address.

func (*NetAddress) RFC1918

func (na *NetAddress) RFC1918() bool

func (*NetAddress) RFC3849

func (na *NetAddress) RFC3849() bool

func (*NetAddress) RFC3927

func (na *NetAddress) RFC3927() bool

func (*NetAddress) RFC3964

func (na *NetAddress) RFC3964() bool

func (*NetAddress) RFC4193

func (na *NetAddress) RFC4193() bool

func (*NetAddress) RFC4380

func (na *NetAddress) RFC4380() bool

func (*NetAddress) RFC4843

func (na *NetAddress) RFC4843() bool

func (*NetAddress) RFC4862

func (na *NetAddress) RFC4862() bool

func (*NetAddress) RFC6052

func (na *NetAddress) RFC6052() bool

func (*NetAddress) RFC6145

func (na *NetAddress) RFC6145() bool

func (*NetAddress) ReachabilityTo

func (na *NetAddress) ReachabilityTo(o *NetAddress) int

ReachabilityTo checks whenever o can be reached from na.

func (*NetAddress) Routable

func (na *NetAddress) Routable() bool

Routable returns true if the address is routable.

func (*NetAddress) String

func (na *NetAddress) String() string

String representation.

func (*NetAddress) Valid

func (na *NetAddress) Valid() bool

For IPv4 these are either a 0 or all bits set address. For IPv6 a zero address or one that matches the RFC3849 documentation address format.

type Node

type Node struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Node attribute

func NewNode

func NewNode(cfg *types.P2P) (*Node, error)

NewNode produce a node object

func (*Node) AddCachePeer

func (n *Node) AddCachePeer(pr *Peer)

AddCachePeer add cacheBound map by addr

func (*Node) CacheBoundsSize

func (n *Node) CacheBoundsSize() int

CacheBoundsSize return node cachebount size

func (*Node) Close

func (n *Node) Close()

Close node listener

func (*Node) GetActivePeers

func (n *Node) GetActivePeers() (map[string]*Peer, map[string]*types.Peer)

GetActivepeers return activities of the peers and infos

func (*Node) GetCacheBounds

func (n *Node) GetCacheBounds() []*Peer

GetCacheBounds get node cachebounds

func (*Node) GetRegisterPeer

func (n *Node) GetRegisterPeer(paddr string) *Peer

GetRegisterPeer return one peer according to paddr

func (*Node) GetRegisterPeers

func (n *Node) GetRegisterPeers() []*Peer

GetRigisterPeers return peers

func (*Node) Has

func (n *Node) Has(paddr string) bool

Has peer whether exists according to address

func (*Node) HasCacheBound

func (n *Node) HasCacheBound(addr string) bool

HasCacheBound peer whether exists according to address

func (*Node) RemoveCachePeer

func (n *Node) RemoveCachePeer(addr string)

RemoveCachePeer remove cacheBound by addr

func (*Node) SetQueueClient

func (n *Node) SetQueueClient(client queue.Client)

SetQueueClinet return client for nodeinfo

func (*Node) Size

func (n *Node) Size() int

Size return size for peersize

func (*Node) Start

func (n *Node) Start()

Start Node listener

type NodeInfo

type NodeInfo struct {
	ServiceType int32
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

NodeInfo is interface object of the node

func NewNodeInfo

func NewNodeInfo(cfg *types.P2P) *NodeInfo

NewNodeInfo new a node object

func (*NodeInfo) FetchPeerInfo

func (nf *NodeInfo) FetchPeerInfo(n *Node)

FetchPeerInfo get peerinfo by node

func (*NodeInfo) Get

func (nf *NodeInfo) Get() *NodeInfo

Get return nodeinfo

func (*NodeInfo) GetExternalAddr

func (nf *NodeInfo) GetExternalAddr() *NetAddress

GetExternalAddr return external address

func (*NodeInfo) GetListenAddr

func (nf *NodeInfo) GetListenAddr() *NetAddress

GetListenAddr return listen address

func (*NodeInfo) IsNatDone

func (nf *NodeInfo) IsNatDone() bool

IsNatDone return ture and false

func (*NodeInfo) IsOutService

func (nf *NodeInfo) IsOutService() bool

IsOutService return true and false for out service

func (*NodeInfo) OutSide

func (nf *NodeInfo) OutSide() bool

OutSide return true and false for outside

func (*NodeInfo) ServiceTy

func (nf *NodeInfo) ServiceTy() int32

ServiceTy return serveice type

func (*NodeInfo) Set

func (nf *NodeInfo) Set(n *NodeInfo)

Set modidy nodeinfo by nodeinfo

func (*NodeInfo) SetExternalAddr

func (nf *NodeInfo) SetExternalAddr(addr *NetAddress)

SetExternalAddr modidy address of the nodeinfo

func (*NodeInfo) SetListenAddr

func (nf *NodeInfo) SetListenAddr(addr *NetAddress)

SetListenAddr modify listen address

func (*NodeInfo) SetNatDone

func (nf *NodeInfo) SetNatDone()

SetNatDone modify natdone

func (*NodeInfo) SetNetSide

func (nf *NodeInfo) SetNetSide(ok bool)

SetNetSide set net side

func (*NodeInfo) SetServiceTy

func (nf *NodeInfo) SetServiceTy(ty int32)

SetServiceTy set service type

type NormalInterface

type NormalInterface interface {
	GetAddr(peer *Peer) ([]string, error)
	SendVersion(peer *Peer, nodeinfo *NodeInfo) (string, error)
	SendPing(peer *Peer, nodeinfo *NodeInfo) error
	GetBlockHeight(nodeinfo *NodeInfo) (int64, error)
	CheckPeerNatOk(addr string) bool
	GetAddrList(peer *Peer) (map[string]int64, error)
	GetInPeersNum(peer *Peer) (int, error)
	CheckSelf(addr string, nodeinfo *NodeInfo) bool

NormalInterface subscribe to the event hander interface

func NewNormalP2PCli

func NewNormalP2PCli() NormalInterface

NewNormalP2PCli produce a normal client

type P2p

type P2p struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

P2p interface

func New

func New(cfg *types.P2P) *P2p

New produce a p2p object

func (*P2p) Close

func (network *P2p) Close()

Close network client

func (*P2p) SetQueueClient

func (network *P2p) SetQueueClient(client queue.Client)

SetQueueClient set the queue

type P2pServer

type P2pServer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

P2pServer object information

func NewP2pServer

func NewP2pServer() *P2pServer

NewP2pServer produce a p2pserver

func (*P2pServer) BroadCastBlock

func (s *P2pServer) BroadCastBlock(ctx context.Context, in *pb.P2PBlock) (*pb.Reply, error)

BroadCastBlock broadcast block of p2pserver

func (*P2pServer) BroadCastTx

func (s *P2pServer) BroadCastTx(ctx context.Context, in *pb.P2PTx) (*pb.Reply, error)

BroadCastTx broadcast transactions of p2pserver

func (*P2pServer) Close

func (s *P2pServer) Close()

Close p2pserver close

func (*P2pServer) CollectInPeers

func (s *P2pServer) CollectInPeers(ctx context.Context, in *pb.P2PPing) (*pb.PeerList, error)

CollectInPeers collect external network nodes of connect their own

func (*P2pServer) CollectInPeers2

func (s *P2pServer) CollectInPeers2(ctx context.Context, in *pb.P2PPing) (*pb.PeersReply, error)

CollectInPeers2 collect external network nodes of connect their own

func (*P2pServer) GetAddr

func (s *P2pServer) GetAddr(ctx context.Context, in *pb.P2PGetAddr) (*pb.P2PAddr, error)

GetAddr get address

func (*P2pServer) GetAddrList

func (s *P2pServer) GetAddrList(ctx context.Context, in *pb.P2PGetAddr) (*pb.P2PAddrList, error)

GetAddrList get address list , and height of address

func (*P2pServer) GetBlocks

func (s *P2pServer) GetBlocks(ctx context.Context, in *pb.P2PGetBlocks) (*pb.P2PInv, error)

GetBlocks get blocks of p2pserver

func (*P2pServer) GetData

func (s *P2pServer) GetData(in *pb.P2PGetData, stream pb.P2Pgservice_GetDataServer) error

GetData get data of p2pserver

func (*P2pServer) GetHeaders

func (s *P2pServer) GetHeaders(ctx context.Context, in *pb.P2PGetHeaders) (*pb.P2PHeaders, error)

GetHeaders ger headers of p2pServer

func (*P2pServer) GetMemPool

func (s *P2pServer) GetMemPool(ctx context.Context, in *pb.P2PGetMempool) (*pb.P2PInv, error)

GetMemPool p2pserver queries the local mempool

func (*P2pServer) GetPeerInfo

func (s *P2pServer) GetPeerInfo(ctx context.Context, in *pb.P2PGetPeerInfo) (*pb.P2PPeerInfo, error)

GetPeerInfo get peer information of p2pServer

func (*P2pServer) IsClose

func (s *P2pServer) IsClose() bool

IsClose is p2pserver running

func (*P2pServer) Ping

func (s *P2pServer) Ping(ctx context.Context, in *pb.P2PPing) (*pb.P2PPong, error)

Ping p2pserver ping

func (*P2pServer) ServerStreamRead

func (s *P2pServer) ServerStreamRead(stream pb.P2Pgservice_ServerStreamReadServer) error

ServerStreamRead server stream read of p2pserver

func (*P2pServer) ServerStreamSend

func (s *P2pServer) ServerStreamSend(in *pb.P2PPing, stream pb.P2Pgservice_ServerStreamSendServer) error

ServerStreamSend serverstream send of p2pserver

func (*P2pServer) SoftVersion

func (s *P2pServer) SoftVersion(ctx context.Context, in *pb.P2PPing) (*pb.Reply, error)

SoftVersion software version

func (*P2pServer) Start

func (s *P2pServer) Start()

Start p2pserver start

func (*P2pServer) Version

func (s *P2pServer) Version(ctx context.Context, in *pb.P2PVersion) (*pb.P2PVerAck, error)

Version version

func (*P2pServer) Version2

func (s *P2pServer) Version2(ctx context.Context, in *pb.P2PVersion) (*pb.P2PVersion, error)

Version2 p2pserver version

type Peer

type Peer struct {
	IsMaxInbouds bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Peer object information

func NewPeer

func NewPeer(conn *grpc.ClientConn, node *Node, remote *NetAddress) *Peer

NewPeer produce a peer object

func (*Peer) Addr

func (p *Peer) Addr() string

Addr returns peer's remote network address.

func (*Peer) Close

func (p *Peer) Close()

Close peer close

func (*Peer) GetInBouns

func (p *Peer) GetInBouns() int32

GetInBouns get inbounds of peer

func (*Peer) GetPeerInfo

func (p *Peer) GetPeerInfo(version int32) (*pb.P2PPeerInfo, error)

GetPeerInfo get peer information of peer

func (*Peer) GetPeerName

func (p *Peer) GetPeerName() string

GetPeerName get name of peer

func (*Peer) GetRunning

func (p *Peer) GetRunning() bool

GetRunning get running ok or not

func (*Peer) IsPersistent

func (p *Peer) IsPersistent() bool

IsPersistent returns true if the peer is persitent, false otherwise.

func (*Peer) MakePersistent

func (p *Peer) MakePersistent()

makePersistent marks the peer as persistent.

func (*Peer) SetAddr

func (p *Peer) SetAddr(addr *NetAddress)

SetAddr set address of peer

func (*Peer) SetPeerName

func (p *Peer) SetPeerName(name string)

SetPeerName set name of peer

func (*Peer) Start

func (p *Peer) Start()

Start peer start

type PeerInfos

type PeerInfos struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

PeerInfos encapsulation peer information

func (*PeerInfos) FlushPeerInfos

func (p *PeerInfos) FlushPeerInfos(in []*types.Peer)

FlushPeerInfos flush peer information

func (*PeerInfos) GetPeerInfo

func (p *PeerInfos) GetPeerInfo(key string) *types.Peer

GetPeerInfo return a infos by key

func (*PeerInfos) GetPeerInfos

func (p *PeerInfos) GetPeerInfos() map[string]*types.Peer

GetPeerInfos return a map for peerinfos

func (*PeerInfos) PeerSize

func (p *PeerInfos) PeerSize() int

PeerSize return a size of peer information

func (*PeerInfos) SetPeerInfo

func (p *PeerInfos) SetPeerInfo(peer *types.Peer)

SetPeerInfo modify peer infos

type Stat

type Stat struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Stat object information

func (*Stat) IsOk

func (st *Stat) IsOk() bool

IsOk start is ok or not

func (*Stat) NotOk

func (st *Stat) NotOk()

NotOk start is not ok

func (*Stat) Ok

func (st *Stat) Ok()

Ok start is ok

type Version

type Version struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Version version object information

func (*Version) GetVersion

func (v *Version) GetVersion() int32

GetVersion get version number

func (*Version) IsSupport

func (v *Version) IsSupport() bool

IsSupport is support version

func (*Version) SetSupport

func (v *Version) SetSupport(ok bool)

SetSupport set support of version

func (*Version) SetVersion

func (v *Version) SetVersion(ver int32)

SetVersion set version number


Path Synopsis
Package nat provides access to common network port mapping protocols.
Package nat provides access to common network port mapping protocols.

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