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func CheckTestValue

func CheckTestValue(t *testing.T, key string, value interface{})

CheckTestValue will check that the passed value is equal to the testVectors value under the specified output value key. If generate is set to true, instead of checking the equality, the value will be stored in the testVector under the specified output value key.

func GetTestValue

func GetTestValue(key string) interface{}

GetTestValue takes the value from the testVectors under the specified input value key.

func InitTest

func InitTest(name string, gen bool) error

InitTest initializes the testgen framework.

func SetTestValue

func SetTestValue(key string, value interface{})

SetTestValue sets the value to the testVectors under the specified input value key.

func StopTest

func StopTest() error

StopTest will write the testVectors to the corresponding file if generate is true.


type TestData

type TestData struct {
	Input  map[string]interface{}
	Output map[string]interface{}

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