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var (
	ErrIdenStateNotFound = fmt.Errorf("identity state not found in the cache")


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type Config

type Config struct {
	CacheLen byte
	Url      string

func NewConfigDefault

func NewConfigDefault(url string) *Config

type IdenPubOffChainWriteHttp

type IdenPubOffChainWriteHttp struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

IdenPubOffChainWriteHttp satisfies the IdenPubOffChainWriter interface, and stores in a leveldb the published RootsTree & RevocationsTree to be returned when requested.

func LoadIdenPubOffChainWriteHttp

func LoadIdenPubOffChainWriteHttp(storage db.Storage) (*IdenPubOffChainWriteHttp, error)

LoadIdenPubOffChainWriteHttp returns a new IdenPubOffChainWriteHttp

func NewIdenPubOffChainWriteHttp

func NewIdenPubOffChainWriteHttp(cfg *Config, storage db.Storage) (*IdenPubOffChainWriteHttp, error)

NewIdenPubOffChainWriteHttp returns a new IdenPubOffChainWriteHttp

func (*IdenPubOffChainWriteHttp) GetPublicData

func (i *IdenPubOffChainWriteHttp) GetPublicData(queryIdenState *merkletree.Hash) (*idenpuboffchain.PublicDataBlobs, error)

GetPublicData returns the identity off chain public data corresponding to the queryIdenState. If the queryIdenState is nil, the last identity off chain public data is returned.

func (*IdenPubOffChainWriteHttp) Publish

func (i *IdenPubOffChainWriteHttp) Publish(id *core.ID, publicData *idenpuboffchain.PublicData) error

Publish publishes the RootsTree and RevocationsTree to the configured way of publishing

func (*IdenPubOffChainWriteHttp) Url

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