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Package trie implements the double array trie library.



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type DoubleArray

type DoubleArray []struct {
	Base, Check int32

DoubleArray represents the TRIE data structure.

func Build

func Build(keywords []string) (DoubleArray, error)

Build constructs a double array from given keywords.

func BuildWithIDs

func BuildWithIDs(keywords []string, ids []int) (DoubleArray, error)

BuildWithIDs constructs a double array from given keywords and ids.

func Read

func Read(r io.Reader) (DoubleArray, error)

Read loads a double array.

func (DoubleArray) CommonPrefixSearch

func (d DoubleArray) CommonPrefixSearch(input string) (ids, lens []int)

CommonPrefixSearch finds keywords sharing common prefix in an input and returns the ids and it's lengths if found.

func (DoubleArray) CommonPrefixSearchCallback

func (d DoubleArray) CommonPrefixSearchCallback(input string, callback func(id, l int))

CommonPrefixSearchCallback finds keywords sharing common prefix in an input and callback with id and length.

func (DoubleArray) Find

func (d DoubleArray) Find(input string) (id int, ok bool)

Find searches TRIE by a given keyword and returns the id if found.

func (DoubleArray) PrefixSearch

func (d DoubleArray) PrefixSearch(input string) (id int, ok bool)

PrefixSearch returns the longest common prefix keyword in an input if found.

func (DoubleArray) WriteTo

func (d DoubleArray) WriteTo(w io.Writer) (n int64, err error)

WriteTo saves a double array.

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