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var (
	ErrAllocationError = errors.New("allocation error")


func RegisterAll

func RegisterAll()

func Version

func Version() (int, int, int)


type BufferSrcFlags

type BufferSrcFlags C.int
const (
	BufferSrcFlagNoCheckFormat BufferSrcFlags = C.AV_BUFFERSRC_FLAG_NO_CHECK_FORMAT
	BufferSrcFlagNoCopy        BufferSrcFlags = C.GO_AV_BUFFERSRC_FLAG_NO_COPY
	BufferSrcFlagPush          BufferSrcFlags = C.AV_BUFFERSRC_FLAG_PUSH
	BufferSrcFlagKeepRef       BufferSrcFlags = C.AV_BUFFERSRC_FLAG_KEEP_REF

type Context

type Context struct {
	CAVFilterContext *C.AVFilterContext

func NewContextFromC

func NewContextFromC(cCtx unsafe.Pointer) *Context

func (*Context) AddFrame

func (ctx *Context) AddFrame(frame *avutil.Frame) error

func (*Context) AddFrameWithFlags

func (ctx *Context) AddFrameWithFlags(frame *avutil.Frame, flags BufferSrcFlags) error

func (*Context) Class

func (ctx *Context) Class() *avutil.Class

func (*Context) Filter

func (ctx *Context) Filter() *Filter

func (*Context) FrameRate

func (ctx *Context) FrameRate() *avutil.Rational

func (*Context) GetFrame

func (ctx *Context) GetFrame(frame *avutil.Frame) (bool, error)

func (*Context) Init

func (ctx *Context) Init() error

func (*Context) InitWithDictionary

func (ctx *Context) InitWithDictionary(options *avutil.Dictionary) error

func (*Context) InitWithString

func (ctx *Context) InitWithString(args string) error

func (*Context) Inputs

func (ctx *Context) Inputs() []*Link
func (ctx *Context) Link(srcPad uint, dst *Context, dstPad uint) error

func (*Context) Name

func (ctx *Context) Name() string

func (*Context) NameOk

func (ctx *Context) NameOk() (string, bool)

func (*Context) NumberOfInputs

func (ctx *Context) NumberOfInputs() uint

func (*Context) NumberOfOutputs

func (ctx *Context) NumberOfOutputs() uint

func (*Context) Outputs

func (ctx *Context) Outputs() []*Link

func (*Context) SetFrameSize

func (ctx *Context) SetFrameSize(size uint)

func (*Context) WriteFrame

func (ctx *Context) WriteFrame(frame *avutil.Frame) error

type Filter

type Filter struct {
	CAVFilter *C.AVFilter

func Filters

func Filters() []*Filter

func FindFilterByName

func FindFilterByName(name string) *Filter

func NewFilterFromC

func NewFilterFromC(cFilter unsafe.Pointer) *Filter

func (*Filter) Description

func (f *Filter) Description() string

func (*Filter) DescriptionOk

func (f *Filter) DescriptionOk() (string, bool)

func (*Filter) Flags

func (f *Filter) Flags() Flags

func (*Filter) Name

func (f *Filter) Name() string

func (*Filter) NameOk

func (f *Filter) NameOk() (string, bool)

func (*Filter) PrivateClass

func (f *Filter) PrivateClass() *avutil.Class

type Flags

type Flags int
const (
	FlagDynamicInputs           Flags = C.AVFILTER_FLAG_DYNAMIC_INPUTS
	FlagDynamicOutputs          Flags = C.AVFILTER_FLAG_DYNAMIC_OUTPUTS
	FlagSliceThreads            Flags = C.AVFILTER_FLAG_SLICE_THREADS
	FlagSupportTimeline         Flags = C.AVFILTER_FLAG_SUPPORT_TIMELINE

type Graph

type Graph struct {
	CAVFilterGraph *C.AVFilterGraph

func NewGraph

func NewGraph() (*Graph, error)

func NewGraphFromC

func NewGraphFromC(cGraph unsafe.Pointer) *Graph

func (*Graph) AddFilter

func (g *Graph) AddFilter(filter *Filter, name string) (*Context, error)

func (*Graph) AutoConvertFlags

func (g *Graph) AutoConvertFlags() GraphAutoConvertFlags

func (*Graph) Class

func (g *Graph) Class() *avutil.Class

func (*Graph) Config

func (g *Graph) Config() error

func (*Graph) Dump

func (g *Graph) Dump() (string, error)

func (*Graph) DumpWithOptions

func (g *Graph) DumpWithOptions(options string) (string, error)

func (*Graph) Free

func (g *Graph) Free()

func (*Graph) NumberOfFilters

func (g *Graph) NumberOfFilters() uint

func (*Graph) Parse

func (g *Graph) Parse(filters string, input, output *InOut) error

func (*Graph) RequestOldest

func (g *Graph) RequestOldest() error

func (*Graph) SetAutoConvertFlags

func (g *Graph) SetAutoConvertFlags(flags GraphAutoConvertFlags)

type GraphAutoConvertFlags

type GraphAutoConvertFlags uint
const (
	GraphAutoConvertFlagAll  GraphAutoConvertFlags = C.GO_AVFILTER_AUTO_CONVERT_ALL
	GraphAutoConvertFlagNone GraphAutoConvertFlags = C.GO_AVFILTER_AUTO_CONVERT_NONE

type InOut

type InOut struct {
	CAVFilterInOut *C.AVFilterInOut

func NewInOut

func NewInOut() (*InOut, error)

func NewInOutFromC

func NewInOutFromC(cInOut unsafe.Pointer) *InOut

func (*InOut) Context

func (io *InOut) Context() *Context

func (*InOut) Free

func (io *InOut) Free()

func (*InOut) Name

func (io *InOut) Name() string

func (*InOut) NameOk

func (io *InOut) NameOk() (string, bool)

func (*InOut) Next

func (io *InOut) Next() *InOut

func (*InOut) PadIndex

func (io *InOut) PadIndex() int

func (*InOut) SetContext

func (io *InOut) SetContext(ctx *Context)

func (*InOut) SetName

func (io *InOut) SetName(name string) error

func (*InOut) SetNext

func (io *InOut) SetNext(next *InOut)

func (*InOut) SetPadIndex

func (io *InOut) SetPadIndex(index int)
type Link struct {
	CAVFilterLink *C.AVFilterLink

func NewLinkFromC

func NewLinkFromC(cLink unsafe.Pointer) *Link

func (*Link) AgeIndex

func (l *Link) AgeIndex() int

func (*Link) ChannelLayout

func (l *Link) ChannelLayout() avutil.ChannelLayout

func (*Link) Channels

func (l *Link) Channels() int

func (*Link) CurrentPTS

func (l *Link) CurrentPTS() int64

func (*Link) Dst

func (l *Link) Dst() *Context

func (*Link) Format

func (l *Link) Format() int

func (*Link) FrameRate

func (l *Link) FrameRate() *avutil.Rational

func (*Link) Height

func (l *Link) Height() int

func (*Link) MaxSamples

func (l *Link) MaxSamples() int

func (*Link) MinSamples

func (l *Link) MinSamples() int

func (*Link) PixelFormat

func (l *Link) PixelFormat() avutil.PixelFormat

func (*Link) RequestSamples

func (l *Link) RequestSamples() int

func (*Link) SampleAspectRatio

func (l *Link) SampleAspectRatio() *avutil.Rational

func (*Link) SampleFormat

func (l *Link) SampleFormat() avutil.SampleFormat

func (*Link) SampleRate

func (l *Link) SampleRate() int

func (*Link) Src

func (l *Link) Src() *Context

func (*Link) TimeBase

func (l *Link) TimeBase() *avutil.Rational

func (*Link) Type

func (l *Link) Type() avutil.MediaType

func (*Link) Width

func (l *Link) Width() int

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