Package client (v2) is the current official Go client for InfluxDB.




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    const (
    	// UDPPayloadSize is a reasonable default payload size for UDP packets that
    	// could be travelling over the internet.
    	UDPPayloadSize = 512


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    type BatchPoints

    type BatchPoints interface {
    	// AddPoint adds the given point to the Batch of points.
    	AddPoint(p *Point)
    	// AddPoints adds the given points to the Batch of points.
    	AddPoints(ps []*Point)
    	// Points lists the points in the Batch.
    	Points() []*Point
    	// Precision returns the currently set precision of this Batch.
    	Precision() string
    	// SetPrecision sets the precision of this batch.
    	SetPrecision(s string) error
    	// Database returns the currently set database of this Batch.
    	Database() string
    	// SetDatabase sets the database of this Batch.
    	SetDatabase(s string)
    	// WriteConsistency returns the currently set write consistency of this Batch.
    	WriteConsistency() string
    	// SetWriteConsistency sets the write consistency of this Batch.
    	SetWriteConsistency(s string)
    	// RetentionPolicy returns the currently set retention policy of this Batch.
    	RetentionPolicy() string
    	// SetRetentionPolicy sets the retention policy of this Batch.
    	SetRetentionPolicy(s string)

      BatchPoints is an interface into a batched grouping of points to write into InfluxDB together. BatchPoints is NOT thread-safe, you must create a separate batch for each goroutine.


        Create a batch and add a point

        Example (Setters)

          Using the BatchPoints setter functions


          func NewBatchPoints

          func NewBatchPoints(conf BatchPointsConfig) (BatchPoints, error)

            NewBatchPoints returns a BatchPoints interface based on the given config.

            type BatchPointsConfig

            type BatchPointsConfig struct {
            	// Precision is the write precision of the points, defaults to "ns".
            	Precision string
            	// Database is the database to write points to.
            	Database string
            	// RetentionPolicy is the retention policy of the points.
            	RetentionPolicy string
            	// Write consistency is the number of servers required to confirm write.
            	WriteConsistency string

              BatchPointsConfig is the config data needed to create an instance of the BatchPoints struct.

              type BooleanValue

              type BooleanValue bool

                BooleanValue is a boolean literal.

                func (BooleanValue) MarshalJSON

                func (v BooleanValue) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

                type ChunkedResponse

                type ChunkedResponse struct {
                	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                  ChunkedResponse represents a response from the server that uses chunking to stream the output.

                  func NewChunkedResponse

                  func NewChunkedResponse(r io.Reader) *ChunkedResponse

                    NewChunkedResponse reads a stream and produces responses from the stream.

                    func (*ChunkedResponse) Close

                    func (r *ChunkedResponse) Close() error

                      Close closes the response.

                      func (*ChunkedResponse) NextResponse

                      func (r *ChunkedResponse) NextResponse() (*Response, error)

                        NextResponse reads the next line of the stream and returns a response.

                        type Client

                        type Client interface {
                        	// Ping checks that status of cluster, and will always return 0 time and no
                        	// error for UDP clients.
                        	Ping(timeout time.Duration) (time.Duration, string, error)
                        	// Write takes a BatchPoints object and writes all Points to InfluxDB.
                        	Write(bp BatchPoints) error
                        	// Query makes an InfluxDB Query on the database. This will fail if using
                        	// the UDP client.
                        	Query(q Query) (*Response, error)
                        	// QueryAsChunk makes an InfluxDB Query on the database. This will fail if using
                        	// the UDP client.
                        	QueryAsChunk(q Query) (*ChunkedResponse, error)
                        	// Close releases any resources a Client may be using.
                        	Close() error

                          Client is a client interface for writing & querying the database.


                            Create a new client

                            Example (CreateDatabase)

                              Create a Database with a query

                              Example (Query)

                                Make a Query

                                Example (QueryWithParams)
                                Example (UDP)

                                  Write a point using the UDP client

                                  Example (Write)

                                    Write a point using the HTTP client

                                    Example (Write1000)

                                      Write 1000 points


                                      func NewHTTPClient

                                      func NewHTTPClient(conf HTTPConfig) (Client, error)

                                        NewHTTPClient returns a new Client from the provided config. Client is safe for concurrent use by multiple goroutines.

                                        func NewUDPClient

                                        func NewUDPClient(conf UDPConfig) (Client, error)

                                          NewUDPClient returns a client interface for writing to an InfluxDB UDP service from the given config.

                                          type ContentEncoding

                                          type ContentEncoding string
                                          const (
                                          	DefaultEncoding ContentEncoding = ""
                                          	GzipEncoding    ContentEncoding = "gzip"

                                          type DurationValue

                                          type DurationValue time.Duration

                                            DurationValue is a duration literal.

                                            func (DurationValue) MarshalJSON

                                            func (v DurationValue) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

                                            type HTTPConfig

                                            type HTTPConfig struct {
                                            	// Addr should be of the form "http://host:port"
                                            	// or "http://[ipv6-host%zone]:port".
                                            	Addr string
                                            	// Username is the influxdb username, optional.
                                            	Username string
                                            	// Password is the influxdb password, optional.
                                            	Password string
                                            	// UserAgent is the http User Agent, defaults to "InfluxDBClient".
                                            	UserAgent string
                                            	// Timeout for influxdb writes, defaults to no timeout.
                                            	Timeout time.Duration
                                            	// InsecureSkipVerify gets passed to the http client, if true, it will
                                            	// skip https certificate verification. Defaults to false.
                                            	InsecureSkipVerify bool
                                            	// TLSConfig allows the user to set their own TLS config for the HTTP
                                            	// Client. If set, this option overrides InsecureSkipVerify.
                                            	TLSConfig *tls.Config
                                            	// Proxy configures the Proxy function on the HTTP client.
                                            	Proxy func(req *http.Request) (*url.URL, error)
                                            	// WriteEncoding specifies the encoding of write request
                                            	WriteEncoding ContentEncoding

                                              HTTPConfig is the config data needed to create an HTTP Client.

                                              type Identifier

                                              type Identifier string

                                                Identifier is an identifier value.

                                                func (Identifier) MarshalJSON

                                                func (v Identifier) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

                                                type IntegerValue

                                                type IntegerValue int64

                                                  IntegerValue is an integer literal.

                                                  func (IntegerValue) MarshalJSON

                                                  func (v IntegerValue) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

                                                  type Message

                                                  type Message struct {
                                                  	Level string
                                                  	Text  string

                                                    Message represents a user message.

                                                    type NumberValue

                                                    type NumberValue float64

                                                      NumberValue is a number literal.

                                                      func (NumberValue) MarshalJSON

                                                      func (v NumberValue) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

                                                      type Params

                                                      type Params map[string]interface{}

                                                        Params is a type alias to the query parameters.

                                                        type Point

                                                        type Point struct {
                                                        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                                          Point represents a single data point.


                                                            Create a new point with a timestamp

                                                            Example (WithoutTime)

                                                              Create a new point without a timestamp


                                                              func NewPoint

                                                              func NewPoint(
                                                              	name string,
                                                              	tags map[string]string,
                                                              	fields map[string]interface{},
                                                              	t ...time.Time,
                                                              ) (*Point, error)

                                                                NewPoint returns a point with the given timestamp. If a timestamp is not given, then data is sent to the database without a timestamp, in which case the server will assign local time upon reception. NOTE: it is recommended to send data with a timestamp.

                                                                func NewPointFrom

                                                                func NewPointFrom(pt models.Point) *Point

                                                                  NewPointFrom returns a point from the provided models.Point.

                                                                  func (*Point) Fields

                                                                  func (p *Point) Fields() (map[string]interface{}, error)

                                                                    Fields returns the fields for the point.

                                                                    func (*Point) Name

                                                                    func (p *Point) Name() string

                                                                      Name returns the measurement name of the point.

                                                                      func (*Point) PrecisionString

                                                                      func (p *Point) PrecisionString(precision string) string

                                                                        PrecisionString returns a line-protocol string of the Point, with the timestamp formatted for the given precision.

                                                                        func (*Point) String

                                                                        func (p *Point) String() string

                                                                          String returns a line-protocol string of the Point.

                                                                          func (*Point) Tags

                                                                          func (p *Point) Tags() map[string]string

                                                                            Tags returns the tags associated with the point.

                                                                            func (*Point) Time

                                                                            func (p *Point) Time() time.Time

                                                                              Time return the timestamp for the point.

                                                                              func (*Point) UnixNano

                                                                              func (p *Point) UnixNano() int64

                                                                                UnixNano returns timestamp of the point in nanoseconds since Unix epoch.

                                                                                type Query

                                                                                type Query struct {
                                                                                	Command         string
                                                                                	Database        string
                                                                                	RetentionPolicy string
                                                                                	Precision       string
                                                                                	Chunked         bool
                                                                                	ChunkSize       int
                                                                                	Parameters      map[string]interface{}

                                                                                  Query defines a query to send to the server.

                                                                                  func NewQuery

                                                                                  func NewQuery(command, database, precision string) Query

                                                                                    NewQuery returns a query object. The database and precision arguments can be empty strings if they are not needed for the query.

                                                                                    func NewQueryWithParameters

                                                                                    func NewQueryWithParameters(command, database, precision string, parameters map[string]interface{}) Query

                                                                                      NewQueryWithParameters returns a query object. The database and precision arguments can be empty strings if they are not needed for the query. parameters is a map of the parameter names used in the command to their values.

                                                                                      func NewQueryWithRP

                                                                                      func NewQueryWithRP(command, database, retentionPolicy, precision string) Query

                                                                                        NewQueryWithRP returns a query object. The database, retention policy, and precision arguments can be empty strings if they are not needed for the query. Setting the retention policy only works on InfluxDB versions 1.6 or greater.

                                                                                        type RegexValue

                                                                                        type RegexValue string

                                                                                          RegexValue is a regexp literal.

                                                                                          func (RegexValue) MarshalJSON

                                                                                          func (v RegexValue) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

                                                                                          type Response

                                                                                          type Response struct {
                                                                                          	Results []Result
                                                                                          	Err     string `json:"error,omitempty"`

                                                                                            Response represents a list of statement results.

                                                                                            func (*Response) Error

                                                                                            func (r *Response) Error() error

                                                                                              Error returns the first error from any statement. It returns nil if no errors occurred on any statements.

                                                                                              type Result

                                                                                              type Result struct {
                                                                                              	StatementId int `json:"statement_id"`
                                                                                              	Series      []models.Row
                                                                                              	Messages    []*Message
                                                                                              	Err         string `json:"error,omitempty"`

                                                                                                Result represents a resultset returned from a single statement.

                                                                                                type StringValue

                                                                                                type StringValue string

                                                                                                  StringValue is a string literal.

                                                                                                  func (StringValue) MarshalJSON

                                                                                                  func (v StringValue) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

                                                                                                  type TimeValue

                                                                                                  type TimeValue time.Time

                                                                                                    TimeValue is a time literal.

                                                                                                    func (TimeValue) MarshalJSON

                                                                                                    func (v TimeValue) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

                                                                                                    type UDPConfig

                                                                                                    type UDPConfig struct {
                                                                                                    	// Addr should be of the form "host:port"
                                                                                                    	// or "[ipv6-host%zone]:port".
                                                                                                    	Addr string
                                                                                                    	// PayloadSize is the maximum size of a UDP client message, optional
                                                                                                    	// Tune this based on your network. Defaults to UDPPayloadSize.
                                                                                                    	PayloadSize int

                                                                                                      UDPConfig is the config data needed to create a UDP Client.