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Conntrack Input Plugin

Collects stats from Netfilter's conntrack-tools.

The conntrack-tools provide a mechanism for tracking various aspects of network connections as they are processed by netfilter. At runtime, conntrack exposes many of those connection statistics within /proc/sys/net. Depending on your kernel version, these files can be found in either /proc/sys/net/ipv4/netfilter or /proc/sys/net/netfilter and will be prefixed with either ip or nf. This plugin reads the files specified in its configuration and publishes each one as a field, with the prefix normalized to ip_.

In order to simplify configuration in a heterogeneous environment, a superset of directory and filenames can be specified. Any locations that don't exist will be ignored.

For more information on conntrack-tools, see the Netfilter Documentation.


# Collects conntrack stats from the configured directories and files.
  ## The following defaults would work with multiple versions of conntrack.
  ## Note the nf_ and ip_ filename prefixes are mutually exclusive across
  ## kernel versions, as are the directory locations.

  ## Superset of filenames to look for within the conntrack dirs.
  ## Missing files will be ignored.
  files = ["ip_conntrack_count","ip_conntrack_max",

  ## Directories to search within for the conntrack files above.
  ## Missing directories will be ignored.
  dirs = ["/proc/sys/net/ipv4/netfilter","/proc/sys/net/netfilter"]


  • conntrack
    • ip_conntrack_count (int, count): the number of entries in the conntrack table
    • ip_conntrack_max (int, size): the max capacity of the conntrack table

This input does not use tags.

Example Output

$ ./telegraf --config telegraf.conf --input-filter conntrack --test
conntrack,host=myhost ip_conntrack_count=2,ip_conntrack_max=262144 1461620427667995735




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type Conntrack

type Conntrack struct {
	Path  string
	Dirs  []string
	Files []string

func (*Conntrack) Gather

func (c *Conntrack) Gather(acc telegraf.Accumulator) error

func (*Conntrack) SampleConfig

func (*Conntrack) SampleConfig() string

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