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IPMI Sensor Input Plugin

Get bare metal metrics using the command line utility ipmitool.

If no servers are specified, the plugin will query the local machine sensor stats via the following command:

ipmitool sdr

or with the version 2 schema:

ipmitool sdr elist

When one or more servers are specified, the plugin will use the following command to collect remote host sensor stats:

ipmitool -I lan -H SERVER -U USERID -P PASSW0RD sdr

Any of the following parameters will be added to the aformentioned query if they're configured:

-y hex_key -L privilege


# Read metrics from the bare metal servers via IPMI
  ## optionally specify the path to the ipmitool executable
  # path = "/usr/bin/ipmitool"
  ## Setting 'use_sudo' to true will make use of sudo to run ipmitool.
  ## Sudo must be configured to allow the telegraf user to run ipmitool
  ## without a password.
  # use_sudo = false
  ## optionally force session privilege level. Can be CALLBACK, USER, OPERATOR, ADMINISTRATOR
  # privilege = "ADMINISTRATOR"
  ## optionally specify one or more servers via a url matching
  ##  [username[:password]@][protocol[(address)]]
  ##  e.g.
  ##    root:passwd@lan(
  ## if no servers are specified, local machine sensor stats will be queried
  # servers = ["USERID:PASSW0RD@lan("]

  ## Recommended: use metric 'interval' that is a multiple of 'timeout' to avoid
  ## gaps or overlap in pulled data
  interval = "30s"

  ## Timeout for the ipmitool command to complete. Default is 20 seconds.
  timeout = "20s"

  ## Schema Version: (Optional, defaults to version 1)
  metric_version = 2

  ## Optionally provide the hex key for the IMPI connection.
  # hex_key = ""

  ## If ipmitool should use a cache
  ## for me ipmitool runs about 2 to 10 times faster with cache enabled on HP G10 servers (when using ubuntu20.04)
  ## the cache file may not work well for you if some sensors come up late
  # use_cache = false

  ## Path to the ipmitools cache file (defaults to OS temp dir)
  ## The provided path must exist and must be writable
  # cache_path = ""


Version 1 schema:

  • ipmi_sensor:
    • tags:
      • name
      • unit
      • host
      • server (only when retrieving stats from remote servers)
    • fields:
      • status (int, 1=ok status_code/0=anything else)
      • value (float)

Version 2 schema:

  • ipmi_sensor:
    • tags:
      • name
      • entity_id (can help uniquify duplicate names)
      • status_code (two letter code from IPMI documentation)
      • status_desc (extended status description field)
      • unit (only on analog values)
      • host
      • server (only when retrieving stats from remote)
    • fields:
      • value (float)

When gathering from the local system, Telegraf will need permission to the ipmi device node. When using udev you can create the device node giving rw permissions to the telegraf user by adding the following rule to /etc/udev/rules.d/52-telegraf-ipmi.rules:

KERNEL=="ipmi*", MODE="660", GROUP="telegraf"

Alternatively, it is possible to use sudo. You will need the following in your telegraf config:

  use_sudo = true

You will also need to update your sudoers file:

$ visudo
# Add the following line:
Cmnd_Alias IPMITOOL = /usr/bin/ipmitool *
telegraf  ALL=(root) NOPASSWD: IPMITOOL
Defaults!IPMITOOL !logfile, !syslog, !pam_session

Example Output

Version 1 Schema

When retrieving stats from a remote server:

ipmi_sensor,server=,name=uid_light value=0,status=1i 1517125513000000000
ipmi_sensor,server=,name=sys._health_led status=1i,value=0 1517125513000000000
ipmi_sensor,server=,name=power_supply_1,unit=watts status=1i,value=110 1517125513000000000
ipmi_sensor,server=,name=power_supply_2,unit=watts status=1i,value=120 1517125513000000000
ipmi_sensor,server=,name=power_supplies value=0,status=1i 1517125513000000000
ipmi_sensor,server=,name=fan_1,unit=percent status=1i,value=43.12 1517125513000000000

When retrieving stats from the local machine (no server specified):

ipmi_sensor,name=uid_light value=0,status=1i 1517125513000000000
ipmi_sensor,name=sys._health_led status=1i,value=0 1517125513000000000
ipmi_sensor,name=power_supply_1,unit=watts status=1i,value=110 1517125513000000000
ipmi_sensor,name=power_supply_2,unit=watts status=1i,value=120 1517125513000000000
ipmi_sensor,name=power_supplies value=0,status=1i 1517125513000000000
ipmi_sensor,name=fan_1,unit=percent status=1i,value=43.12 1517125513000000000
Version 2 Schema

When retrieving stats from the local machine (no server specified):

ipmi_sensor,name=uid_light,entity_id=23.1,status_code=ok,status_desc=ok value=0 1517125474000000000
ipmi_sensor,name=sys._health_led,entity_id=23.2,status_code=ok,status_desc=ok value=0 1517125474000000000
ipmi_sensor,entity_id=10.1,name=power_supply_1,status_code=ok,status_desc=presence_detected,unit=watts value=110 1517125474000000000
ipmi_sensor,name=power_supply_2,entity_id=10.2,status_code=ok,unit=watts,status_desc=presence_detected value=125 1517125474000000000
ipmi_sensor,name=power_supplies,entity_id=10.3,status_code=ok,status_desc=fully_redundant value=0 1517125474000000000
ipmi_sensor,entity_id=7.1,name=fan_1,status_code=ok,status_desc=transition_to_running,unit=percent value=43.12 1517125474000000000




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type Connection

type Connection struct {
	Hostname  string
	Username  string
	Password  string
	Port      int
	Interface string
	Privilege string
	HexKey    string

Connection properties for a Client

func NewConnection

func NewConnection(server, privilege, hexKey string) *Connection

func (*Connection) LocalIP

func (c *Connection) LocalIP() string

LocalIP returns the local (client) IP address of the Connection

func (*Connection) RemoteIP

func (c *Connection) RemoteIP() string

RemoteIP returns the remote (bmc) IP address of the Connection

type Ipmi

type Ipmi struct {
	Path          string
	Privilege     string
	HexKey        string `toml:"hex_key"`
	Servers       []string
	Timeout       config.Duration
	MetricVersion int
	UseSudo       bool
	UseCache      bool
	CachePath     string

	Log telegraf.Logger `toml:"-"`

Ipmi stores the configuration values for the ipmi_sensor input plugin

func (*Ipmi) Gather

func (m *Ipmi) Gather(acc telegraf.Accumulator) error

Gather is the main execution function for the plugin

func (*Ipmi) Init added in v1.23.0

func (m *Ipmi) Init() error

func (*Ipmi) SampleConfig

func (*Ipmi) SampleConfig() string

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